FOR SALE 67 Coronet dash pad

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    Aug 5, 2016
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    Pulled from the 67 RT. For as bad as this car was this piece remarkably survived with minimal damage. On the top there are at least half dozen of the slightest splits as pictured. On the leading edge underside there is one split about an inch to inch and half. One corner stud rusted out pretty well, might still catch a self tapping nut. 50 bucks plus the ride obo

    956ACC96-A06E-423D-A38C-E5165BF74461.jpeg A1C73652-2E70-4AB1-8ED0-DFEBAC42C43B.jpeg 36181041-6D77-4FAA-AC34-92D44ABED07F.jpeg 200D92C3-EDC9-431F-88BF-E7DFCD287D2F.jpeg 13EB0D78-682B-4055-96FB-44DE5CFE22B2.jpeg 4CF1B6E7-74D4-4E2F-8108-B6BF257E993B.jpeg
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