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68 Satellite convertible power window motor replacement...cant find anything :(


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Jul 11, 2022
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Hi All..my rear window (left side) stopped going up/down but motor runs. found some good posts on the cbody forum so i took it out and its gear mechanism was sheared in half. hoping i could just replace that since the motor works but havent found anything like it. then i thought i would just replace with an aftermarket motor, and all i find is "..this fits 69-70.." what about 68? any ideas? pictures are from before i cleaned it up some. but the mechanism has no pucks or springs. its as if the outside gear connected with the inside gear via a rubber housing. .....thanks..


Power window motors interchange all the way to F/M/J body cars in the mid to late 1980's.

At some point they either lost or gained a mounting bolt hole but that doesn't really effect use.

Also, IIRC in the F/M/J (at least the 4 door cars), they are on the opposite side, meaning if you need a left side B body motor, use a right side F/M/J motor.
68-70 motors should interchange and, as noted above, mid 80s chryslers will also work (plentiful in junkyards).
Don't know if you got this sorted out or not, but these motors are available all over the place, you can buy them new on E bay, or usually quite a few for sale on the C body site, FCBO. As a C member also, I know there are a lot more C bodies that got power windows, so lots around. You will need the power window motor that is odd numbered for drivers side, or even numbered for the passenger side. Just about any year will work, though you might have to change the lower mounting bracket and replace with your own bracket off of your motor. Or, go on E bay, and order the rebuild kit for your motor if it is running nicely. The kit is cheap, and you can re and re the gear, the pucks etc in about 1/2 hour.
However, once you have the motor out, I would suggest taking the body off and cleaning up the armature etc, remove all the black and grey old grease, re lubricate everything and test it while you have it out. Just hook up 12 V to the green and purple wires then reverse those connections to go the other way. Last thing you want to do is re install and find you have done something incorrectly! Put "power window motor" in the search engine on FCBO and will find complete videos and detailed instructions on all of this stuff. Worth it. C Shaft
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