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69 gtx

Got the back installed.


Put the holes in for bracket mounting bolts. I bought some rubber washers to put between bracket and seat. Also used button head bolts to avoid sharp edges. I almost had to much sound deadening/carpet. I really had to push down to get it bolted in.


I worked the rest of the day checking driveline geometry. I'm going to need a new driveshaft because of the gear vendor. I found my pinion is about 1.25" to the driver's side of the engine/trans centerline. Which is about 2.5° I'm wondering if this is going to be a issue. Going to be doing some research. Also need to check with Cal Trac for their recommendation for pinion angle.
So glad to hear whoever it was that did the body and paint is going to fix the dutchman issue.
The car came out so beautiful otherwise, t would be a shame to let that error go.
Have to mock up and do some cutting and welding to avoid it. When I did, I couldn't believe how bad it was.
Hope to detail the changes needed to repair the issue on my own build thread eventually, when I get it caught up to the present day, for those
who are into doing their own metal work and so on.

Also do appreciate the heads up on the rear window mess. Mine has a few scratches but ok otherwise. I'll reuse it rather than have something totally out of whack.
So today I pulled the rear end out. I kinda got the pinion angle close just for giggles for a visual first. Going to take it to a shop for inspection and a front pinion seal. Also check the suregrip. It currently has a 3.73. It's a truck Dana but with the cal tracks the absence of a pinion snubber shouldn't be a problem.

Dana is going to the shop for a checkup before going back in for the last time. May 8th. That should give me time to pretty it up and get spring perches welded on.
I think 3° down. I need to call Cal Tracks to confirm.
Bushing came for steering column, got it installed. Also threw a jam nut on the brake rod pivot bolt. Tomorrow going to work on installing seats and finalizing the exhaust.

So I thought I'd throw the seats in Saturday before doing exhaust. But I quickly realized that I forgot something. When I mini tubbed the car I didn't check the rear seat frames before I had the covers installed. Guess what, they didn't fit......
First I had to revise the package tray clips. Had to customize the bend and lengthen the slot.


I already modified the divider board. I widened the wheelhouse 3".

So the rod that curves up then over, I pushed down . I basically moved the radius clear over to the perpendicular rod. The one at the bottom I bent the bottom sheet metal piece and rod. That did the trick and it went in. Had I thought ahead I would have cut it loose bent it then welded it back. But with the seats covered I just used a rubber hammer and beat them into submission.

So I tried the bottom half and same thing, no fit! So I basically took the stock relief and moved it 3" in board. So I cut the hog rings and then cut the angle piece out clear over to the first brace.



So with with the piece removed I used a license plate to make a quick pattern to see if it would work. It looked good so I had my friend plasma cut me 2 pieces and put one one of the bends in. I planned on putting the second one in as I fit them.


I added hog ring holes for the upolstry too. I vise gripped them in place the matched drilled them. Painted them and then bolted them in. I think I have enough clearance now. I'll get some hog rings tomorrow and then see if it fits.



So then I started putting the tracks on the front seats so I can install them after the back ones are in. Enough for today.