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69 gtx

So all the side projects are done! Got some construction scraps and built some blocks to set the car on.



First up is firing up the engine. It's been run on a Dyno so hopefully it will be uneventful. I want to reroute the plug wires first. Not happy with the way they look. Anyone with TTI headers have any recommendations? Wondering if I can route them behind and below the headers.


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Here is my GTX getting blasted after sitting in the corner of my garage for 15 years.
Going to be asking for some help here from you guys. New 1/4s & trunk showed up last friday so will be starting on those right after I get the torque boxes & frame connectors on. Got the door hinges rebushed today so I can remount the doors for 1/4 alignment. Going to be a resto mod. Stock apperance with a monster under the hood. Wanting to be able to run 10's in the 1/4 with street tires.
Hard to believe this journey has been going on 10 years now! That being said, I'm going to try my darn best to make this the year. So today I reworked my upper buddy seat cushion.
So I have multiple issues going on. First overall width is to wide for plastic seam/hinge cover. Second the cover is to far back which also compounds the bunching issue. I must say up front this was unassembled when I delivered it to my upholstery guy. Also he didn't have the plastic piece.



I removed staples and removed cover. I added some foam to the top to try and pull the cover back out about .5" and also removed the board from the back and trimmed a .5" off the width and reinstalled it.

So I decided to try flatten the 50 years of distortion in the seam/hinge cover. I put some paper towels on the 2x4s to protect the plastic, then put some pressure on it in the vise. About half of what it needs, I'll wait a week or two then give it some more pressure. I do have a question for anyone who is buddy seat savvy, what is the correct fasteners to attach the plastic piece?



I'll bet if you had heated that block of wood up to about 200 degrees before putting it in the vice, the plastic would relax a little easier.
I'll bet if you had heated that block of wood up to about 200 degrees before putting it in the vice, the plastic would relax a little easier.
I did just that today and cranked it down tight!

Well that didn't work so well! I wouldn't recommend the heat part on plastic parts that have been dyed or painted. Heat caused paper towels to stick to the part. And while trying to remove it, it pulled some of the paint.

But it did go back to the desired shape. I spent a hour carefully removing the paper towel from the seen side.


So a got the column shift lever installed . Had to search a bit for the .1875 x .93 rollpin but found one.

With the headers, working on the shift linkage was almost impossible, so I dropped the bolts out of the header to gain some access.

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So my issue was the linkage rod was .25 and the current arem had a .46 hole. I did some investigating and found out I had the wrong arm. So I installed the one on the right which had the right sized hole. But when I went to install the linkage rod the geometry wasn't right. This car had the column linkage removed when I got it and had a aftermarket shifter on the floor. So there's a chance my linkage might be a bit different.

So I made a aluminum bushing on the lathe and reinstalled it. I think I now have everything functional and close. I put the column in park, then the trans in park and set the adjustment bolt. But I'm still missing the bushing that goes in the actual arm extending from the steering column. I need to find one of those then I can finish that up!


I also replaced the incorrect retainer on the brake rod going into the master cylinder.

Looking for one of these. If anyone can help with the correct name or part # I'd be very grateful.

Thanks! Just found one on eBay. Hopefully I can have it installed by next weekend and get the exhaust in final position and locked down. My goal is do a fire up in the next couple weeks. Then start putting the front clip back on.
I think I've showed this before on the buddy seat bolts. I couldn't find a correct bolt so I made a shoulder bushing to turn a button head bolt into the correct one.