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69 gtx

Best of luck Tim. I hate working with brakes. You have 4 wheel disc, correct? Manual brakes or power? What size master cylinder?

My front brakes came from Dr. Diff, 15/16" bore. I had hard/soft pedal for a while. I had to cinch down lines going into the distribution block a couple of times as it was sucking air, but not leaking. Then I had to get a replacement master cylinder as the first was leaking. Then I had to add a return spring to the pedal because the newer MS didn't have a strong enough spring to pull the pedal up constantly which resulted in inconsistent brakes.
Manual disk, 15/16, everything new. I removed proportioning valve. Next if that doesn't work I'm going to remove distribution block. If it still doesn't bleed then it must be the mc.
I went out and got a vacuum bleeding kit when my helper decided to go fishing instead of helping me. It wasn't too expensive and worked perfectly.
Worked on the heater/ac control. Got the Classic air switch installed. Had to make the connecting rod for the slider button. I think I found a place that has repop sliders so I'll be ordering those. If anyone wants my old ones let me know. I know you can buy the decals but I didn't like that idea.
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Hi, Could you please pass on the Vendor that is reproducing the sliders. I can use a set for my 68. Thanks!
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