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7/8 sway bar brackets, Firm Feel vs PST Polygraphite


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Sep 30, 2020
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Firm Feel is on the left, PST on the right -


I'm trying to replace all the polyurethane in my suspension. The PST bracket is for a Camaro. I'm surprised at home much larger it turned out to be. The hole in the PST bushing might have a little tilt to it, but, other than that, it seems like it would work.
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You realize, everything else being the same, that 1.875" bar if solid is like over double the rating, meaning its a huge step?:eek:

edit: sorry, I misread your thread, that oversized bracket will actually reduce your existing rate by allowing a combined 1"? of slop in SB effective lost motion.
It would work, but I would never do it.
Oops, I just noticed I typed in 1 7/8" instead of 7/8." Sorry about that! Post title corrected.

I've currently got a 1 1/8" QA1 bar on the front. I've noticed Firm Feel sells a 1 1/4 bar. Unfortunately, no one publishes the "rates" of their bars (no one I've seen so far). I've asked and gotten no answers. It's occurred to me that manufacturers might not be bending their bars from the same quality of steel, and bars of the same size might not be of equal rate.

How does the bigger bracket reduce the rate? The polygraphite bushings are close to nylon in hardness. I don't know how much force is going through the bar, but it seems like, if it was enough to compress PST's bushings to the metal bracket, it would be enough to tear open the mount holes in the thin subframe metal. I don't think the polygraphite would recover from being squashed that much either.
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