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72-80 truck sheet metal questions


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Jun 26, 2010
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I know we have a FTO sister site, but there's WAY more activity on FBBO, and I know some of us also have vintage Dodge trucks.

I'm starting to think about completing the LRE clone (or at least getting close) someone started on my 1980 step-side.
It's a running, driving truck and the bed is real nice.
The problem is the cab is rusted pretty bad in most if not all of "the usual spots" for that body style.

I know LMC truck lists all sorts of gm and a fair amount of ford truck sheet metal patches.
However, a cursory check only turned up rocker patches for 72-80 Dodge.

Does anyone know a source for the other common rust prone areas- cab corners, rear of door seam, and drip rail?
(I think that's all of them but I'm sure I'll find more)

The floors are always bad around here.
There's the cab corners.

If you have a rusty cab, better check your radiator support. It supports the entire front clip, fenders and grille, etc. I had to rebuild the one on my 78 D100. They are constructed with 3 layers of steel laminated together with spot welds. It's not a real good design in my opinion. It's strong when new, but the layers trap moisture in between. You can guess what that leads to.....