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727 Trans Speedo Pinion Clocking


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Apr 12, 2020
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Stevens Point, WI
Another stumper to me...

Got my 727 back from the rebuilder. Ordered the correct black, 32 tooth drive gear for the speedo and when I went to grab and install the pinion.....the only markings to clock it are for 21/25 tooth drives. Never saw one like this before. The chart in the Chrysler Repair Manual only shows as low as a 26 tooth red drive gear. Searching the web and I can't find another like it. Anyone able to tell me what I have here? Thanks in advance! -Eric

Never saw one of those before!! ...and I have been through a lot of 727's.
What was the trans out of? I had a 1981 Imperial, once, and it had a 2.26 rear gear. I think my 1987 Fifth Ave. was the same, but they had 904 in them. Maybe the rebuilder switched your adapter? It fits either style of trans.
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Never seen a speedo housing like that before. Also don't consider the gear color. The colors changed over the years. You need to count the number of teeth. The FSM your year has the chart for gear ratio and tire size.
The gear is installed into the housing off center. What I usually do is install the complete housing
into the tailshaft and rotate it until the gears are fully meshed. Then I just back off a little so there
is no pressure between the two gears, then clamp it down. Of course, it's nice to have the correct
housing, but everything's not perfect!