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A basic but confusing engine question.

I think most every DD had an emergency air shutoff. I didn’t know they existed until I accidentally triggered it once. I thought I was in big trouble but the boss opened the hood and opened it back up. Away I went.
Problem with triggering the emergency air flap which some Detroits have is the high vacuum created can suck the blowers seals... Which can lead to a runaway... Seems like we've created a circle of sorts..
Them old Detroits are monsters. I love and hate the sound of them at the same time. I remember an old R.O.W. truck I drove some had 6-71t and Jakes, I was a noise that sent shivers through your spine. If for some reason I needed a truck for occasional use I look for something with an old Detroit. The most efficient way to convert diesel fuel into noise!
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