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A12 on Smokey Mountain Traders

99% of Lynch Road tags were NOT painted I was told many times? Could bee wrong I guess...

that could be true I’m not familiar with lynch road cars as I’ve never owned one.
Lynch Rd tags were hung from the visor mounting hole when the body went through paint. Over sprayed at best and definitely not bent up in the corner..
I agree with an earlier post that car is 20K over priced.
Its must have been pretty worn out. Lots of metal replacement.
Tag as mentioned is a joke
I didn't dive into the details
Does it have H Wheels, correct GY Polyglass tires, is the hood original, is the air cleaner assembly real.
View attachment 964039 These are all high dollar items if you chose to get them.
For this price it should have all this.

There are plenty of better ones out there for this $.

These cars never have recovered from their high. It was common to see these cars at 125K and above for good cars.
I haven't seen many hit 100K for a long time (maybe at an auction where some guy had more $ than brains)

I use to be all over these cars 7 or 8 years ago when I had my A12 RR.

I don't think its "OVER PRICED". There are POST cars 2, out there on HEMMINGS, priced at $90K. If the block and Trans HOUSING do match up with core support and LH trunk rail, dash VIN had correct "Rosette Rivets", tag, ALL 5 "JJ" or "H" wheels are present. Hagerty will insure it for $78/$85k sight unseen with the Title. Mine's a V2 V2, HX9 console, bucket, Hemi 727 car with 8 track, never once had any metal replaced, yet many of these CAN BE Over-Restored. They came down the line at Lynch Road so fast, most had factory imperfections in the Rocker-1/4 panel seams, A pillar areas lead wasn't perfect.
They built LESS WM21 cars than Hardtops. I'm surely no expert. Not wealthy, and certainly don't know much more than the average A12 owner. Galen Govier is not GOD with all things MoPar. He has a great knowledge, yes. But has been proven wrong many times. Funniest thing Ive ever seen was some kid who has a WM21M9A dipshit painted it B5 BLUE. Begins to cry when he gets the TRUTH.
Daddy's Money CANNOT buy experience. But! Daddy could leave ya one. I wouldn't let it go for any less than $120,000.
I'll flip burgers to pay for a storage unit first.

Pay no attention.
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