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Aluminum transmission pan


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Aug 21, 2009
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Do any of you run an aluminum transmission pan on a street car? I am considering one for my 68 Road Runner. I'm wondering about any clearance issues, bottoming out. My car is a stock height. If you use one, which one? I know some are deeper than others. Any made in USA? I know that's rare these days... Thanks for any help you can give me!
I know this won't answer your questions but FWIW next time I change the filter in my Super Bee's 727 I plan to install this. Picked it up last year and it seems to me the cooling fins could possibly help in cooling the transmission fluid.
I'm using one from Cope Racing transmissions.

I like this one, note drain is at the front, which is usually the low point on the pan when on all 4.
I use the Moroso 42080...no fins but a little extra capacity, no clearance issues, and GREAT sealing. I also use the re-useable style gasket (neoprene coated steel I think). Two front ports, one for a drain and one for a temp sensor if you wish..
Aluminum pans have a few advantages over steel pans. First, they are sturdier. This helps strengthen the overall transmission case. Second, aluminum offers much better heat transfer properties than steel which help keep your transmission running cooler especially if the pan has fins like in answers #3 and 5 and they usually have a drain plug. I find Aluminum pans seal better then steel pans because the outside edges are thicker than steel pans and do not flex when the bolts are tightened
Derale Pan with cooling tubes for me. Really deep and holds over 12 quarts with converter and cooler. Doesn't hang any lower then my Moroso 7 qt Oil pan.

IMG_4122[1].JPG IMG_4083[1].JPG
I'm using the B&M 10280 pan with a Moroso 93110 gasket and I haven't had any issues. Sealed up nicely, no leaks and no scrapes.
I run the B&M. Nice pan. Never leaks. May need to fab an extra deep pick up to get all the way to the bottom.
OD pan is a nice cheap increase in capacity
not good air flow for cooling and with the exhaust...
use a filter extender
best to use a big cooler and half inch lines if you need cooling
if aluminum no polish, glass bead and paint BBQ Black or some other non insulating flat black if you want cooling
Thanks guys for all the feedback! When you use the aluminum pans can you still use the original pan bolts? The aluminum pan rail is thicker. (I hate 12 pt bolts...)
Thanks guys for all the feedback! When you use the aluminum pans can you still use the original pan bolts? The aluminum pan rail is thicker. (I hate 12 pt bolts...)

I’m running the Moroso 42080 pan on my ‘65 Coronet - it came with new bolts and a spacer for the filter - with gasket for the spacer. Used the blue rubber sandwich type Moroso gasket on it with no leak problems at all.
Yes I forgot to add that, the moroso pan came with a filter spacer
another great gasket that seals the 727 is the Mopar gasket 2464324AC, it is reusable and crush proof. For a filter extension I use the Mopar P4510054, both of these items can be bought at your local dealer
on cars I've seen them hit
big pans on trucks and motorhomes ok
if you do it for cooling you are kidding yourself if you do not paint it flat black
we used to black anadoise inside and out
xtra oil capacity is great- especially on hills
BTW you could take the money and buy a case of CitgoQuatrosyn ATF
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