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Anyone still have their High School ride?


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Dec 13, 2021
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A MCACN email last week announced a new feature display for the 2024 show. There is going to be a feature of cars that the owners have had since high school. That puts me in a dilemma as I was already planning to enter one of my cars that will be celebrating its 55th "birthday" on 11-24, Sunday of this years show. I still have my Challenger T/A that I bought when I was 16, so now I'm pondering entering that one too, or instead. Having 2 cars there would be a hassle, though maybe not out of the question as I don't live very far from Rosemont, Illinois where the show is.
I was thinking of all the car guys I know, and trying to think of if any of them has had their car since high school, and was drawing a blank. I was reminded one friend of mine has his '71 Charger he's had since HS. It doesn't look much like it did then though, as it is now a pro street style build, strictly a show car. But technically it is his HS ride.
It has to be fairly rare these days though, for someone to both have had a cool musclecar in HS, and not either wrecked it or sold it at some point. It's a miracle my car (and I) survived my teens!
Anybody here still own a musclecar they've had since they were in high school, or know someone who does?

I still have both, 67 Charger and 78 LeBaron 2dr sunroof 360.
Not high school cars, but I bought both while in the Navy which was right after high school.
Bought my 1969 Barracuda the day(May 1987)we pulled in from 6 month West Pac cruise. The lady/wife was the only one who answered the phone, rest of a long list of cars I called about were all answering machines, while living on the ship no way of calling me back realistically. Helped a guy in my division get his car started after sitting in long term storage after cruise for a ride to go see the Barracuda. Still have it. Still putting it back together haha.
Still have the '70 Challenger I bought to drive when I took my Barracuda apart to put the 440 in it.
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My 1969 GTX is in the twilight zone of high school cars. The folks at Carlisle felt the same way - the car made it to the final cut for the cars from high school display last year, but ultimately got rejected. The car was a Y13 Dealer Demonstrator. I test drove it my senior year in high school. With a sticker price of $4800, there was no way I was going to buy it. Dealer promised he would hold it for me until I graduated college. When the time came, the deal didn't happen, I suspect my parents talked him out of it. Eight years later, he finally sold the car, at a price that was twice what I could afford, after a ground up restoration, bought Baby Blue instead.

Fifty two years after the test drive, I finally bought the Demonstrator, after owning six other GTXs in the meantime. The two guys who owned it before me preserved the car better than I would have been able to in my younger days. The attached photo was taken while I was still in high school, to document the dealer installed equipment the GTX wore at the time.
Demonstrator 1971.jpg
I bought my first car, this 74 Road Runner in July of 1980, When I was 15. I graduated in 1982 so I had it Junior and senior year. My mom took this picture the day after I bought it. I did sell it in 1987 for the down payment on my first house.

July 1980.jpeg

I had another Road runner by then so I never thought much about it. Years later I was on Ebay looking what was out there and sure enough that was my car. I had painted it dark blue and added a white stripe on the rockers. So I bought it back, this was around 2014, I think. So I still have my high school car, again, it is a lot more rusty though.


I took it apart a few years ago to get a good idea as to what I was going to need for parts and then I had to put it back in the shed. Ended up buying a satellite for most body parts and junkyard for the rest. Have the motor done, have most of the interior parts, suspension parts. Just have to get it back in and started now.
I bought the X a month after my 18th BDay for $1100 - Six months after graduation. I do have an old Polaroid pic of it from back then somewhere. I sold it a couple yrs ago to a BB back in my hometown of Mpls where the car had spent most of its life - 48 yrs for me and then I finally turned the page. This is at Street Machines National last summer where my buddy took 1st place in his class. Everything done to it was done by moi…
I still have my 70 Charger R/T SE that I bought in 1981. I graduated in 1982. The first two pictures are from the early eighties wearing the 15x10 inch Cragars S/S wheels. I put the Charger script emblems on the sail panels because I liked them better than the SE emblems. The next two pictures are from when I restored the car in 1989. I put the SE sail panel emblems back on the car during the restoration. The last two pictures are current.






4421.JPG Graduated high school 1974. Bought this '72 442 350/4 speed in 1976 before going away to college. North of 200000 miles. Excellent cruiser that gets decent mileage. 3.23:1 Still take it to shows today. Great car even though not Mopar.
I wish I still had...

My 1st 68 Charger R/T GG1/Black top & guts,
I bought the day before I got my learners permit in July 11th 1974
$350 (day before my 15th birthday)
I sold it to my older cousin Joe in Dec. 1989-ish,
he totaled it in less than 2 weeks...
Sad ****...
I had multiple motorcycles at the HS time too, mostly enduro or MX, dirt bikes
Hodaka Ace 100cc & a Wombat 125cc, a Honda 125 Enduro,
bored/sleeved to a 185cc & bigger carb '4 stroke'
I got or I traded the Hodaka Ace for it, that thing was temperamental & fast
& brutal to kick over... It'd hurt you, had to roll it down the hill to start it usually...
Later Yamaha Yz or Kawi Kx 250s
I also had a 65 Galaxie XL500, it wasn't the best car, by any stretch,
'Red' too, not a fan of red cars or interiors, it had both
sort of fugly, but had a really straight body, sort of ragged out interior,
$150 car, but would be cool to still own it...
I sold it ^^, so I bought a 47 Willys Jeep 'it wasn't really road worthy'
drove it around on dad's ranch/property, mainly
it had org. soft op & canvas seats covers, military tires & 5.38:1 gears,
Go-devil 4 banger flatty, like all of 60hp wahoo :nutkick:
but it would 4 wheel like crazy, barely even go 50mph flat out/downhill,
fun offroad while I owned it thou...

class of 77' baby
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Haven't owned it 40 years yet...
Just 37.
Although it doesnt look it..It's still the same paint job my brother and I did..age 15..identical twins. So I always had a car buddy. We painted our 71 chevelle when we were 14..still have it. Next year was the charger...then painted our 72 satellite when 16...still have it..also painted Dads 77 trail duster when we were 17..still have it too. For a 17th birthday..Dad gave us a car that came in a pile of parts to assemble ..71 340 Duster 4 speed painted curious yellow..my screen name. We are still assembling it. LOL


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