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Anyone still have their High School ride?



"...moved on up to the east side..."

My first car, bought it in '79 when I turned 16 and got my license. Sure didn't look this nice back then. Still tinkering on it & driving it. I remind my wife of 31 years that technically speaking, she's the "other" woman in my life, lol.

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I drove dad's hand-me-down '83 Cutlass through high school. Ping-o-matic 3.8 V6, landau roof, and WIRE WHEELS (well...covers).


Graduated in '90. Bought my '91 Daytona C/S turbo in Sept '91. My first new car. Still got it, still love it.
1971 non R/T. Factory 340. 4 speed factory shaker. Paid $325 in 1978
Stroked 340 526HP. 562 torque. Still loving it

Regrettably not for me, but you asked if I knew anyone...that I do - two guys. One still has his 56 Chevy that was his first car in 1976 and the other still has his Trans Am that he owned when a senior in high school. Lucky/smart guys...
My uncle bought “The Mayflower” new in ‘69, I became her owner in ‘77. I’ve owned her all along and just completed a very long rotisserie restoration done by myself in my garage.

My mom had a '72 Pinto, and early in my senior year she was buying a new '80 Rabbit to replace it and asked me if I wanted to buy the tired little Ferd for $200. I did, so a Pinto was my second car purchase. and that is when my Challenger T/A became more of a fair weather driver/hobby car.
That sure worked out well for me... keeping the Challenger off the road during our brutal winter. And I was taking auto shop in school and used to work on the Pinto often in class. That helped me get an A! I never got rear ended, and the car had been recalled a year or two before I got my license for that problem anyway.
One summer when I was 14 or 15 I'd read up on bodywork and had volunteered to "fix" the rust on my mom's Pinto. Armed with a couple cans of bondo, sandpaper and blue metallic touchup spray paint, I went to town! The drivers rear quarter panel, which is the side with the gas filler cap. actually looked pretty good when I got through with it. That is, until my mom took the car to Ford for the recall. When she got the car back, my bondo artwork has some cracks in it from the shaved apes in the service department replacing the filler tube or whatever they did to rectify the fire risk with that recall. :up:
I actually have more good senior year memories with the Pinto than I do with the T/A. I drove it and my buddies around to a lot of fun times, rock concerts including Rush, Van Halen and the Who at the International Ampitheater on Chicagos south side, to my lucrative union stockboy job at the grocery store, and one rainy day in spring to a music store in a "far away" southwest suburb to buy my first electric guitar, a Gibson Les Paul Custom they had on sale for $575. Like my T/A, I still own it today too. It's displayed in my rec room, maybe I will get motivated to play again someday.
For most of my life since, despite sometimes getting grief from chest thumping insecure-type friends, I've had a economical "beater" in my fleet to take the abuse of day to day rust belt driving, including as a Rabbit, a Focus and for the last 10 years a Dart. That has contributed to keeping my cool cars nice, and saved alot of money to help fund my passions too. I'll never forget my first of my "beaters" though, my '72 Pinto I had senior year in high school!!
Was forced to sell mine when I had to go into the military and then got shipped overseas right out of tech school. Probably wouldn't have kept it anyways as it was a 4 door....
Was this your license plate?

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Doubt it would've helped!! After pumping gas at 10pm, we had a few beverages, knew where PD hung out so went back road. Stopped at stop sign, CHICK HIT ME (no damage). Pulled up, SHE HIT ME AGAIN!!! Got out, went to her window, TOTALLY Cheech & Chong HIGH!!! Got the hell out of there!! Didn't know those POSs could go so fast when floored
Sorta-kinda close. I bought my Coronet in 1980, almost two full years after graduation from HS.

I still have mine I drove on the last day of high school in 1995. Still looks the same. This was my 3rd Charger by then. 1995 to 2024 is a longer amount of time than 1969 to 1995. Eeek.

I didn't really have a high school car, but do still have the 1st car I bought. Got it after college in 1987. Everything I drove before that was owned by my parents.

Bought my RR in 1974 when I was 15, my profile pic is the Bird in my HS parking lot circa 1976. My wife & I dated in this car.
I do have this one, my old tradesman van rusted back into the earth.

I still do. 35+ years later. Still unrestored today and over 232,000+ miles on it to date.
First one is old 80's jacked up hot rod look at the high school nationals at Milan Dragway. Today, it is more back to a stock look, but do throw the Cragars back on it once in awhile just with slightly smaller tires these days.




My Daytona that I mentioned in the earlier post. Bought new in '91, right after I graduated.

As noted in a post above...yea...I've noticed that then ('91) to now is significantly longer than from '70 (my Charger) to then ('91).

....and Chargers were "old" when I bought my Daytona! UGH!!!
class of 86
Runs 11:70’s now with 427 Bb
Still original paint Capri Cream
Had smogger stock 350 and powerglide when this was taken

I have been down the quarter mile about 1,000 times with this car in 40 years of ownership

My 65 coronet is a fun project and the help I receive here on the site has been invaluable


I don't have any of my early cars.. But I am currently working on a friends 73 Cuda 340 4spd that he learned to drive in... He's been working on it for years but it hasn't been road worthy in over twenty years... Well, I gonna get it buttoned up for him cause I'm tired of watching it sit...
Currently EF8 but originally GA4 Winchester Gray Metallic.. He hopes to get it back to it's original color at some point but for now it just needs to get back to running & driving...
Seriously now...I couldn't afford my own ride and neither were my folks able to help me out. So I went without, used my bike, and rode public transportation to get from here to there!!! This was in the mid 60's as well...cr8crshr/Bill :usflag: :usflag: :usflag:
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