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Bicyclist Wants To Be Treated Like A Car But Also Be Able To Just Kinda Break The Rules When He Wants To

Pretty soon he’s going to get his Disney movie on Disney plus
When I ride the back roads away from most traffic, I'm wearing floursant colors plus 2 red flashing lights on back and a 30 lumens white flasher on front. I take responsibility for my safety.
The idiot bicyclists are out in full force on Saturdays and Sundays, along our rather narrow two-lane section roads. These have NO shoulder, no sidewalks, and are wide enough for a pair of pickups to go by each other. The only bike lanes are in the city proper, and you can drive miles before seeing a bike on one. If you go to the local lakes, forget about going on a brisk walk! The lanes are for walking and bicycling, but the nimrods on wheels think they own these lanes. Plus, they'll still go and ride in the vehicle lanes, despite having their own lanes! I imagine if I were to drive my pickup on their bike lanes, people would lose their sh!t!
I stay as far right as possible, pisses me off when I see other cyclists riding further out. Guess they haven't learned that in Iowa, some drivers tend to get pissy and will run your dumba$$ over.
Our city has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on bicycle lanes. They're even posted street signs just for cyclists (the print is so small you have to be under the sign to read it) - all this for less than 5% of the population.

We also have a crisis with speeders. The solution ... lower speed limits, more stop signs and speed bumps. Well how about handing out some tickets you say?!?! Nah, cops are too busy with domestic violence. Some crackhead starts beating on his old lady and 5 cop cars show up - one to deal with the situation and four to have coffee and observe !!!

Dispite all the public bitching ... EVERY SINGLE ONE of the old city council and mayor were re-elected !!
When i come across these guys holding up traffic I will usually put in neutral,pump the gas pedal on my 500k mile 3500 Dodge diesel 5 speed then downshift and smoke them out……
Aug 25, 2023

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SEATTLE, WA — In a statement delivered to a line of 100 drivers who had been stuck behind him for the past 3 hours, local bicyclist Florian Skuzz said that he wants to be treated just like a car on the road, but also to just kinda be able to break the rules whenever he wants to.

"I'm an important bicyclist deserving your respect, and should be granted all the rights and privileges of a car at all times!" said Skuzz to the parade of honking automobiles behind him. "But also, I don't carry insurance for when I cause an accident and would like to disregard traffic lights and signs whenever I want. It is my divine right! NOW STARE AT MY SPANDEXED BUTT FOR THE NEXT 30 MILES AND LIKE IT!"

The man then continued riding directly in the middle of the road at 15 miles per hour even though the speed limit was 65.

Sources say Skuzz then ran three traffic lights and stopped once to adjust his GoPro for the next video on his YouTube channel in which he posts videos about being an insufferable bicyclist. "I am saving the planet with this bike!" he yelled to the cars behind him. "RESPECT ME!"

At publishing time, Skuzz had been seen locking up his bike on a bench not designed for the purpose and entering his favorite Communist vegan bakery.
He'll be taking a chance with me
These goofs are a plague in my college town. Got behind one the other day doing the middle of the road deal, which was exponentially infuriating in light of the elaborate paved bike path running parallel to the road.
They don't get away with that **** here in Jacksonville Florida. Hardly a week goes by when one of them doesn't get killed on the highway oh well!
typical b.s. attitude. i can see these same people beeping at bicycles when there in a car , speeding thru school zones after drop there own kids ! typical lib tards.
Can’t unsee this . (Turning from wrong lane)
We should treat all of these butt plug poo pushers like this guy did..

Might just be me, but I never found that sort of thing amusing.
I can laugh at a video, often times in disbelief with some of the things posted these days. In real life it's an entirely different story. Wouldn't want to see it done to anyone, let alone someone I care about.
Used to ride a lot but not much anymore since my knees complain, anyways, staying out of the way as much as possible is important around here if you value your life. Just don't get it with them thinking they have more rights to the road. Also having a mirror on your bike should be something that everyone has but I rarely see anyone having them.

I can laugh at a video, often times in disbelief with some of the things posted these days. In real life it's an entirely different story. Wouldn't want to see it done to anyone, let alone someone I care about.
Imo, rolling coal is something that should be ticketed and doing that to someone should warrant beating about the head and neck :)
they want to ride on the road....follow the rules....ie..signal,stop at stop signs...and get insurance so when you scratch my car "you're" insurance covers the damage