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Bicyclist Wants To Be Treated Like A Car But Also Be Able To Just Kinda Break The Rules When He Wants To

Ride like that out here in the countryside and you best be wearing something with GPS tracking on it...
Just saying.
We get that out on the coast daily, but massive groups on the weekends. We have narrow winding roads, and sometimes groups take up the whole lane and will flip you off too. Not to mention they’re constantly yelling at each other about last nights dinner.
I’ve been riding since the 80s, always as far right as possible, always single file when with people.
That last truck in throwing coal was sooting up good single file respectful riders, not a large group of a##holes, kinda a DICK move.
The OP says the fruit thinks he can't be sued if he causes an accident because he's on a bike and doesn't have auto ins. As an ins pro I beg to differ. If he causes an accident in a "non motorized vehicle" he can be held personally liable - you'd start by suing his homeowner policy or any other than auto liability policy. If he's uninsured you can sue him for anything he has. He becomes personally liable. Having insurance or not has nothing to do w/wether or not one can be sued. Now go find him ......