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Brake light switch wiring


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Jan 29, 2023
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I've been looking but I can't seem to find a diagram of some sort to answer my question so hopefully the community can help me. Can anyone help me understand the 3 wires that attach to the brake light switch and which wire does what? I have a factory brake light switch with 2 prongs, 1 prong has a single white wire and the other prong has 2 pink/red wires. None of my wires have any power so I'm trying to understand where to start to begin to get it fixed. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Looking at my 62 Dart Classic Car Wiring chart, looks like only two wires go to stop light switch, that doesn't help you.
The pink wires should have unswitched battery voltage present. If not have you checked the Stop/Dome fuse in the fuse box? The specific year and model would be helpful.
That switch looks to be misaligned BTW, should contact the pushrod loop directly.
Pink is always hot. As mentioned, check the fuse. If worse comes to worse, you can temporarily run a fused hot wire to where the pink wire connects to get your brake lights working
Might want to mention what year/make/model car you're working on...
Wiring diagrams are readily available online for our cars, even if you're not willing to get
a factory service manual for it (which I highly recommend).
Hey guys sorry for the lack of info its a 1970 Charger, I wound up running a fused hot wire to the pink wire to get it going.
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