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Bucket lists...you have one?

Don't really have a list but I have many places I'd like to travel to, not a single one is outside of the USA. This is mostly because every destination I've been to and want to go to is on a Harley Davidson. I've probably racked up 200,000 miles on 2 wheels over the years and when I retire I hope to hit half million miles or more if I stay healthy. There is so much cool **** to see in the U.S. I probably will never see it all.
Well I've pretty much been everywhere and done everything that I wanted to. There was no list, it was more like a hold my beer moment. Everything we ever did was spur of the moment. I decided long ago that I was going to invest my money in memories. Damn it was fun, now I'm perfectly content to never leave Oklahoma again.
I don't have a formal list, but one of my key bucket list items was to travel the country in a classic car. I've done that twice now, and grateful I have been able to do that. I'd still like to do more of that, as there is so much cool stuff to see in the US (so I'm doing the Power Tour this year).

I'd like to tour some WWII stuff in Europe. I remember going to a concentration camp and seeing Hitler's Eagle's nest as a kid, but I was too young to appreciate it. I'd like to see that again.

Someone mentioned philanthropy. I don't have funds to do anything major, but I believe many people doing small things adds up to big achievements! For my part, I have two things I like to do: (1) Practice random acts of kindness. When I can and I am in a position to do so, help someone and be kind. It may not change the world, but is greatly appreciated by the person you help, and (2) Help a young "car person" so they develop a love for cars. Without a next generation, who will love and care for our cars?
Bucket list, I retired at age 52 and now I'm 66, I'm living the dream already! My brother has a bucket list, he's 7 years older than I am. I did join him the other month when he let me in on half his farm he bought because he always wanted to be a farmer. He's never going to be a farmer, but we now own a farm! He retired at age 52 also and has never sat down and has almost completed his bucket list. To own land with a house, ponds, trails, woods and fields is something that feels pretty fulfilling.
My wife and I lost our dog about a year ago and at this point aren't entertaining getting another. Last week we went to the lawyer and willed half of our worth to a no kill animal rescue shelter and that's a big deal to us!! Oh yeah, I have no grandkids, so my half of the farm goes to my brothers grandkids. Generational wealth being passed on for the good of many. I think my parent would be proud of us....
Part of my bucket list was to travel in my camper to the 49 states that I could get to. Done that, but there is so much to see in the US. The part of my list now is to finish all the little projects that I have around the house, my wife keeps me on the go, interrupting those things. It might be a good thing to not have a finite amount of things to accomplish and keep adding to it.
This is a pretty good movie in my opinion.
A formal list ? No.

Top of the list would be walk my daughters down the isle , But they need to have boyfriends 1st and neither do . at least nothing serious yet

And Ive always wanted to see parts of Europe, Spain, Italy, Greece etc etc

Wife however doesnt like to fly and has zero interest to fly that far . about 4 hours is her max . So odds are this will never happen.

Im retiring in 8 months and plan to do some updating on our house. ( remodel the master bath. new tile floors throughout etc )
I also want to do some traveling with the old car, Not necessarily drive it all over the country. just take it with me . Its never been to any of the big shows back east and i want to take it.

Having owned several , I have a desire for another convertible B body that will be the 2nd keeper , once I find ' THE ONE '

I have my health at 64. But am well aware it could all turn to chit in a heartbeat. And I know all too well we are closer to the end than the beginning.
Ive lost some good friends in the past 18 months. People Ive known just about all my life. That brought the cold reality to the forefront for me
So plan to enjoy life now, as none of us are guaranteed tomorrow
Don’t care. No foreign travel for me. I’ll spend the kids
inheritance on cars and travel in the lower 48. So much yet to see. Had a boss once who often raved about the “south of France. Asked her about the Grand Canyon. She had never been there. Call me narrow. Don’t care. U S A!
You mention what’s there to see in Nebraska? I’ve always wanted to visit Car Henge!
I don't have any kind of formal list per se, just a few things I'd like to get done before checking out.
First was retiring, best move yet.

Travel abroad does not interest me whatsoever.

I have to set foot in Nebraska, it's the only state of the lower 48 which I've not traveled through with a camper. I have an RV and am not afraid to use it, but so far there is no draw- is there really anything in Nebraska to see?

I would like to attend more major Mopar Shows. I've been to the Nationals several times, MATS in Vegas a few times, Moparty in Bowling Green, and Carlisle every year.

Last would be aquire a 67 Coronet R/T convertible. Blue w/white top & interior, 4 spd. OK, a little specific, but it's my list. The 401 could be endangered if the right car shows up.

Like anything else in life, the list is subject to change at any moment.



A wise man once told me a sign of success in life is to host your
own Estate Sale while your still here!
Part of my list includes going to Antarctica. That has fascinated me ever sine I read about Shackleton when I was in sixth grade. I met a woman who was staying at the same B&B as my wife and I back in August 2018. She had spent nearly five years over the course of twenty, studying penguins and other life there. Fascinating woman to talk with!
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Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the cruise. Did you know they found a stash of his scotch, and they replicated it and you can buy it at liquor stores? Someone from another cruise told us the story.


Bucket list, eh? Those who know me might imagine I'd have intimate experience in that subject, given
where I've been in the last decade or so.
I feel some manner of Ed Story coming on. Y'all have been warned, as usual:

After surviving cancer 6 times, croaking in hospitals another 3 times and having multiple organs removed,
you can bet yer *** I have a "bucket list". :)
Well...."had" one, anyways...now pushing 62, let me explain what that means:

First, a caveat:
Honestly, as I've been blessed with a hell of a great deal in that I've gotten to stick around another few years -
the usual "bucket list" stuff never really occurred to me, even in dreams.
You see, I'm from the sort of folks who just put their noses down and got to work when something was needed
or there were obligations to pay for.
As a result, when the mountain of sometimes 6-digit bills started coming in for saving my own mangy arse,
any hopes of keeping my retirement savings or perhaps grabbing a Winnebago and seeing the country just sort
of vaporized into thin air.

After a while, my bucket list became simply not to leave a mess for my wife and siblings when I did finally get
the dying part right - so that's what I set out to do.
With the opportunities allowed me by God himself (still haven't figured that one out, but not complaining!)
as well as a LOT of help of the human persuasion at times as well (FBBO Heroes - you know who you are!).
I managed in just the last little bit to actually get things in order to the point that if I kick it today,
Lisa will be fine - and I've made sure she knows what she has to do when that time comes.

A big part of that was getting the lump of red steel sitting in the garage (the infamous Fred the GTX) re-done to
the point where when it came time for him to go on to his next steward, he was a finished car, at least enough
so that he was worth something (and could be driven on and off the transport, eh?).
Well, as y'all know - got that done too, grace of God.
Sure, I'm always improving this or tinkering with that on him, but he's perfectly operational and road legal,
so she can deal with transfer of him to his new home easier (she claims she'll keep him, but the car honestly
is too much a handful for her or most others, so...).
My own version of a "bucket list" has been largely accomplished, now that I'm on the tail end of my time above
dirt. Everything is pretty much at a point of maintenance and repair as it comes up; medical bills have been beaten
down to a point where it's "pay as you go" from here.
I call this bucket list success.
(Don't give me grief, I know it isn't what most consider a bucket list - but it was mine, ok).
I really didn't have any other concrete items on any such list, honestly. I never allowed myself to dream like that;
I had obligations to take care of. Eye on the prize, nose down, keep digging, etc.

Now, though? Well, if I were to allow myself to dream a little...I'd like to see the other half of the country once,
I suppose (faint callings of that old Winnebago?).
I'd like to go visit the guys in Alberta CA at ColdWarMotors (some of us have spent some years now corresponding
and such - they bug me all the time to bring Fred up there (such a pipe dream THAT is...hah!).
I'd like to drive one more Hemi-powered car before I go...
I'd like to run one more lap at Summit Point raceway, too (Nurburgring would be INCREDIBLE, too!).
That's about it, I guess.
None of these will ever be accomplished, I know.

That I didn't leave a mess will have to suffice for my bucket list, boring as that may sound to anyone else.
I have some bucket lists. On the lid of some cleaned chlorine buckets, the caliber of ammo is listed on them so I know which is which.
If I had a bucket, then I might kick it. :eek:
Having done that a few times (and being conscious for one of them), I wouldn't recommend it.
(Pardon my French here...)
For starters, it hurts like ****-all. Nothing you've ever experienced pain-wise can compare.
Trust me on this.
After a while, my bucket list became simply not to leave a mess for my wife and siblings when I did finally get
the dying part right - so that's what I set out to do.
Ed, as I've mentioned in some previous posts, the vast majority of folks simply choose not to deal with this stuff. It's much easier to think about fun stuff like travel, but it is something we will all face eventually, one way or another, no matter how well we may have traveled through life. I respect how you have played your hand.
Ed, as I've mentioned in some previous posts, the vast majority of folks simply choose not to deal with this stuff. It's much easier to think about fun stuff like travel, but it is something we will all face eventually, one way or another, no matter how well we may have traveled through life. I respect how you have played your hand.
Thank you brother and I hope I haven't dragged down the spirit of the thread, I really do... :thumbsup:
There is a bit of a conundrum with doing what I did (and still do, to an extent) though:
Once such a mission is majorly accomplished, you poke your head up and look around and think
"ok, now what?" :)
Kinda where I'm at now, honestly...
My only thing on my list is to pay my house off... 74k to go! :) I have worked 70 hours a week for 33 years now, no vacations or time off.. you kind of get used to it, at this point i couldn't even imagine not working now.
I always wanted a Corvette, ever since I was a little kid, walking to school and past the Chevy dealership. The owner and my Dad were good friends. Some days, I'd stop by the showroom and look at cars. The owner and the GM were both cool about me looking at, and even sitting in, cars on the showroom floor. They saw this six-year-old car nut as a future buyer!

So, one day I stopped by a friend's used car lot and saw a pretty nice black '95 C4 coupe. Worked a trade on my truck, and I drove that home. My desire for Corvette ownership was sated...happy me, eh? Until one day, I could barely extract myself from the car! It felt like every bone in my body went "snap, crackle, pop!"...all I needed was milk to become a bowl of cereal. After a few days of that fun, I traded the Corvette on a very nice sedan; my Corvette life requirements having been settled in my mind. All fun, but I wished I had bought that car ten years earlier! It was a wonderfully fun daily driver, and comfortable, once inside. But getting in and out was becoming a chore in fast order!

If you have a bucket list, don't fart around! "Get busy living, or get busy dying!" One of my favorite movie quotes, from Shawshank Redemption.

corvette in shawnee.jpg

VW and Vette.jpg
Part of my list includes going to Antarctica. I met a woman who was saying at the same B&B as my wife and I back in August 2018. She had spent nearly five years over the course of twenty, studying penguins and other life there.
< they're waiting for ya !