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Bucket lists...you have one?

I had an evolving mental list and have accomplished the things that were important to me. Now that I am retired, the only thing on my bucket list is to avoid most agendas, goals, and commitments. After a lifetime of structure, it's wonderful.
Bucket list, eh? Those who know me might imagine I'd have intimate experience in that subject, given
where I've been in the last decade or so.
I feel some manner of Ed Story coming on. Y'all have been warned, as usual:

After surviving cancer 6 times, croaking in hospitals another 3 times and having multiple organs removed,
you can bet yer *** I have a "bucket list". :)
Well...."had" one, anyways...now pushing 62, let me explain what that means:

First, a caveat:
Honestly, as I've been blessed with a hell of a great deal in that I've gotten to stick around another few years -
the usual "bucket list" stuff never really occurred to me, even in dreams.
You see, I'm from the sort of folks who just put their noses down and got to work when something was needed
or there were obligations to pay for.
As a result, when the mountain of sometimes 6-digit bills started coming in for saving my own mangy arse,
any hopes of keeping my retirement savings or perhaps grabbing a Winnebago and seeing the country just sort
of vaporized into thin air.

After a while, my bucket list became simply not to leave a mess for my wife and siblings when I did finally get
the dying part right - so that's what I set out to do.
With the opportunities allowed me by God himself (still haven't figured that one out, but not complaining!)
as well as a LOT of help of the human persuasion at times as well (FBBO Heroes - you know who you are!).
I managed in just the last little bit to actually get things in order to the point that if I kick it today,
Lisa will be fine - and I've made sure she knows what she has to do when that time comes.

A big part of that was getting the lump of red steel sitting in the garage (the infamous Fred the GTX) re-done to
the point where when it came time for him to go on to his next steward, he was a finished car, at least enough
so that he was worth something (and could be driven on and off the transport, eh?).
Well, as y'all know - got that done too, grace of God.
Sure, I'm always improving this or tinkering with that on him, but he's perfectly operational and road legal,
so she can deal with transfer of him to his new home easier (she claims she'll keep him, but the car honestly
is too much a handful for her or most others, so...).
My own version of a "bucket list" has been largely accomplished, now that I'm on the tail end of my time above
dirt. Everything is pretty much at a point of maintenance and repair as it comes up; medical bills have been beaten
down to a point where it's "pay as you go" from here.
I call this bucket list success.
(Don't give me grief, I know it isn't what most consider a bucket list - but it was mine, ok).
I really didn't have any other concrete items on any such list, honestly. I never allowed myself to dream like that;
I had obligations to take care of. Eye on the prize, nose down, keep digging, etc.

Now, though? Well, if I were to allow myself to dream a little...I'd like to see the other half of the country once,
I suppose (faint callings of that old Winnebago?).
I'd like to go visit the guys in Alberta CA at ColdWarMotors (some of us have spent some years now corresponding
and such - they bug me all the time to bring Fred up there (such a pipe dream THAT is...hah!).
I'd like to drive one more Hemi-powered car before I go...
I'd like to run one more lap at Summit Point raceway, too (Nurburgring would be INCREDIBLE, too!).
That's about it, I guess.
None of these will ever be accomplished, I know.

That I didn't leave a mess will have to suffice for my bucket list, boring as that may sound to anyone else.


I sympathize - I, also, have been dead (7/16/08; motorcycle accident; died 3x on scene, 2x during medivac flight, 3x on the table; 6 months learning how to walk again with titanium-rebuilt legs).

Every day is a gift.

My goal is to enjoy every day that I have. I've already gone to work one day, normal day...and not gone home. Nearly forever. You never know when the last one will find ya.

People look at me and comment that I wince a lot; that my knees and hips sound like microwave popcorn when I move; that I look like I'm in pain when I walk. And, I am. It hurts when I walk, but I'll take it because it means I'm walking. The surgeon who put me back together that day told me a year later, when I went back to say thank you, that they all figured I was going to leave the hospital in a bag.

Every day is a gift.

My goal is to not get too far behind. Take care of me and my own. Eat healthy and exercise. I don't have kids and at this point that's probably off the table (turned 50 last year), so I just want to leave this place at least not any worse than I found it.

I'm not a huge traveler, but Ireland would be cool. Alaska maybe. But...they're "could"s and "maybe"s - not a "oooh I gotta do that!". I keep a nice house; I keep a nice property; I try and keep nice cars and bikes, and have fun. Don't hurt others. Don't be a dick. And cherish every day, because even though it sounds trite...tomorrow may NOT come. I just enjoy everything I've got, as much as I can.

You just never know.
I would like to give a car away to a inner city kids shelter or orphanage as part of a local auction to their fundraising efforts. Ebay maybe? I have some local contacts to TV news affiliates that I'm sure would do some coverage. Not Barrett Jackson or Mercum level as they promote themselves. And that donation must remain anonymous.

I'm not sure why I have a growing interest in mentoring and/or even philanthropy as I got older. Maybe it's inherent to most of us. (Just wish I had the assets to be highly impactful.) But a single car? And the car of course would have to have some sought after interests. I could do that.

I think that would rock!
The gentleman who sold me my fifth GTX in 2015 did this, after doing the same thing earlier with two second generation Chargers. No fanfare, sold all 3 cars private party through Hemmings Motor News. Not a car guy per se, but he had help from many others who were. He laid out serious time and money in each case. When I first saw the Hemmings ad, I was thinking potential scam or quick flip. Quite the contrary, when I flew out to check things out. There are some really good folks out there, who do their work with a low profile.
Before i croak and take the permanent dirt nap, I'd like to meet, and have a conversation with a a couple of people that i would like to see.
The pilot, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger that brought down that airliner on the Hudson River, that came to be known as "the Miracle On The Hudson"
And his co pilot Jeff Skiles.
"Sully" was an F-4 pilot in the Air Force, and i would have also liked to have been his crew chief on that aircraft.
And we have a weather girl Kristine Hanson, on a Sacramento, Ca. tv station that is my "hottie" to this very day, from the days in 74 when she was a Playboy centerfold.
A classy lady, that i would like to meet.
Well, that should be my bucket list, if it's ever going to happen.
And we have a weather girl Kristine Hanson, on a Sacramento, Ca. tv station that is my "hottie" to this very day, from the days in 74 when she was a Playboy centerfold.
A classy lady, that i would like to meet.

Just checked out her Playboy pictures. Hubba hubba.
My wants are pretty minimal. There are lots of places I want to see in the USA. I also want to see a few places in Canada. I want to take the Satellite on Route 66, Glacier park, The redwoods, and finish a few projects.
I've already done almost everything on my list:

Own and drive an old car- check.
Own my own successful business- check.
Find a good woman- check.
Operate a locomotive- check.
Pilot an airplane- check.
Explore a cave fewer than 25 people have been in- check.
Own income property- check.
Successfully invest in the stock market- check.
Zip line- check.

EDIT- I've never owned a Harley, still need to do that if I can find an affordable one I like.

...and I do still need to go to Albuquerque....just so I can turn left.
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