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Building 70 Charger with AMD panels

The flat/satin black look is popular with some guys. I always prefer a shine over anything dull but you have the right to do what makes you happy.
You're spending YOUR money, right? Unless someone else is paying your nut, nobody has a right to make demands as to how you proceed.
There will be critics no matter what you do.
I hear them about my cars. Often the critics are people that I don't like anyway!

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Im still deciding, if u look on the internet, gloss black looks really nice and sweet, but its hard to see the lines of the car, but with flat black it shows all of the lines and you can see the true shape! So its a tough choice for me
Think you need to sort the title question out first before you go much farther
If you get a state title the car will never ever be a 70 Charger even if it looks like one
But if it takes you 20 years to build maybe you will never sell it anyways
Remember a wife and kids and house will ususally show up some place along the way :)
I think it’s a cool idea. Way more ambitious than I could attempt but will be very interesting to watch. End of the day I’ve seen cars - heck mine will darn near be replaced from quarters back - that were rebuilt almost entirely from AMD metal so other than the legal/paperwork/title issues it’s almost as original as some others on the road. Good luck and keep us informed!
***Edit to my previous comment sort of… it’s the little stuff that will kill from a cost standpoint…. I’ve done incomplete cars before and been there. So without a parts car maybe keep an eye out for good deals on what you might need to finish the job. Even screws and bolts add up (I learned the hard way) lol
Probably would start off with a good tram bar, laser level , plum bobs, clecos and a jig that has been leveled and a complete shell for reference. Order as many parts as you can as amd is always back ordered ,and when they get stock it's usually out of stock in a week.






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Cool project! I remember when there was no sheetmetal available to save these cars,now we can almost build our own Charger bodies! Thanks AMD!
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