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Carter M4845 fuel pump.

I just went out to the garage and pulled the similar pump I have as backup (came on the engine)
that is the same as that Carter and yep, it has that funky adapter fitting shown in that Moparts thread.
Interesting that one poster says that type of pump runs a little high on pressure, though?

He recommends the same M6903 "hemi" style pump as the one I pictured above because it supposedly
runs a lower pressure, but delivers the flow?
8 psi does seem a little high.
I got a pump that's correct, no adapter needed. Life Time Warranty at O'Reilly's.

Precision Fuel Pump - M16187​

the 6903 is the best general purpose fuel pump. they're all i use. they won't pump 120gph but are good enough for 450 horsepower. they 1/4" pipe thread on inlet and outlet and that's more than good enough for most street applications. the OOTB ones i've tested do a gallon in 45 seconds at a simulated 2000 engine rpm. i did buy a "440hp" pump from mancini (stock type 2 valve pump) and it would be a dismal 440 performance pump but probably an ok 383 driver. nice thing about those 3 valve carter pumps is you can take them apart and modify them. i did modify one and put it on a stock hp440 with the stock 4618 avs. the pump did 7-8lbs with a .035" return orifice in the vapor separator. engine didn't like it. around 5-6lbs makes a happy driver. a 6903 with a stock vapor separator with a .060" return orifice will drive ok but is a power lose in something like a 6pak. large return orifices need more pressure at the pump to maintain 5-6lbs.
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