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Chargers for sale by crack addicts

65 large completely disassembled and needing restoration? C'mon man!

I saw that...for that kinda coin it better be show ready.
That’s a really nice car. Should have never been disassembled. The paint would’ve buffed out beautifully.
It looks like it was a nice car. Too bad they disassembled it. In my opinion it is waaaay overpriced. There seems to be alot of overpriced 2nd gens. Are they actually selling for crazy money? Or is everyone just fishing?
Today, they told me 90 large for this.


overpriced? maybe maybe not. But if it's as nice as it looks, professionally restored, I'd go for that more than $65k for the assemble it yourself '70.
At 90k it has the infamous glove box door/center pad wedge. Now I don't feel bad as my not 90k '68 Charger has the same wedge.

my $400 '68 R/T 440 4 speed Charger I paid $400 for in 1984 had it too.
Very nice color scheme on that 68, but there's a few things wrong that can be easily rectified, but for 90 large, I would think there should be nothing that is wrong. That said, perhaps 90 large is the going price for a very nice car such as that. Haggerty says to add 20% for a 4-speed.
I'm going with distortion. You can see in the picture of the blue dash the senter pad lifts up on each end.
Upon first glance, the blue car looks nice, but the more I look at it, the less I like it. Besides the headers, plug wires & ignition system, the master cylinder backing plate & inspection covers are painted blue. The battery tray is painted black, no black paint on either sides of the radiator, The routing of the hoses and wiring on the left side inner fender need to be addressed, the wiring for the hood turn signals is missing the clips, missing plug wire brackets, the emissions decal is in the wrong location, fuel line to the carb is a rubber hose & most likely, the carb isn't original.

1968-dodge-charger-r-t (2).jpg

1968-dodge-charger-r-t (3).jpg

Something doesn't fit right in the bumper indentation....


The carpet heel pad is in the wrong location...

1968-dodge-charger-r-t (8).jpg

The inner door frames should be painted white, the door latch has evidence of blue paint on it, the molded piece of weatherstrip above the door weatherstrip looks like dog crap and it's missing the small fuzzy piece of weatherstrip above that. The upper dash pad looks too thick (recovered?) and I'd pretty much guarantee that the lower dash pads have been repainted.

1968-dodge-charger-r-t (9).jpg

There's no Pentastar on the right fender, the tires still have stickers on the tread and my guess is that this car was just done and I'm sure that seeing it in person, more can be discovered. However, if I were interested in this car, the lack of detail would give me pause. However, someone will look at it with starry eyes and overlook these details and buy it.
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