Check the back side of your cage welds...

Ron H

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Feb 29, 2016
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I see shoddy, **** work all the time. Not on roll cage welds or race cars. I see it in homes all the time. People put their trust in someone to do a good job and the end result is this situation. I can’t begin to remember how many times we’ve started a project and found either poor workmanship or just plain dangerous work. I always show the customer what we’ve found and explained the problem. I’ve had other contractors say, isn’t that great, more work! I tell them it’s bullshit to think like that! I’ve been here a little over 5 years. Honestly, I’ve never seen such **** building in my life. I’m from Illinois/Wisconsin areas and yes I’d seen it there too. Nothing, in any comparison to what I see here. How these people who do this sleep or even face themselves in the mirror, is beyond me. Just looked at another one yesterday, single older lady. Guy she hired, charging $75.00 per hour, screwed up everything he touched. Then when she questioned him, he said you bought the crap. Needless to say, that wasn’t the problem. It’s worse today, more than ever. Sorry, just had to get it off my chest, it pisses me off every time, doesn’t matter the situation.
Yeah, I’ve posted about this before using a quote from my boss the day I started my 1st job in a machine shop as a jr in HS. He walked me over to a filthy old lathe to be cleaned. Lol, to quote: I want ya to clean this machine like you would your car, not your old man’s car.” Drills down to people we hire to do work for us, our car, house, etc. Do they do their work like it’s their house or yours? Hell, people I’ve trusted including paying a higher price than I could have snagged elsewhere wanting a quality job, still resulted in some **** work. And wasn’t because they were inept, they knew how to do a stellar job. MO, either ******* lazy or pushing their work out the door to eek out every penny of profit.

I’m enemies with the guy that built my house living a mile from me and two shops I had do some work on my old ride. Lol, and they think I’m the asshole cuz I pointed out in detail where their work was crap. And in a couple cases their reluctant agreement on re-work was also shitty. In some of these cases I could have done the work and well, ended up doing the re-work myself. My message to them taking photos of my repairs for their info or intentional irritation, included “If you want to do the job right, got to do it yourself.” I’m discounting good work done; but the **** work sticks in memory.