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Christine McVie won't be down for breakfast

Damn... What a shame... Great voice, Great singer.. RIP Christine...
Too bad, R.I.P. Her voice was still great, I liked this album from 2017.
Rest In Peace!
Bob Welch was a loss too.
After the merger, I thought she had the better voice.
More smooth.
Bare Trees: Essential winter solstice listening.
Heroes are hard to find.

Looks like she stopped thinking abut tomorrow. Dead at 79.
Who really knows?
It's a
I’m glad we got to see them in concert a while back. Buckingham, McVie, Nicks - all amazing and great memories from their albums. RIP
I almost went to that tour, but right before the dates near me, Mic fired Buckingham.

A small piece of my life pasted away with her, a time and place that you can only see when you close your eyes and listen. Another one gone...... R.I.P.
Mom was and is a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. She's the first person I think of when I hear them. Mom's influence led to me loving Fleetwood Mac too. And now our (2) daughters in their twenties love them as well. So many good memories are triggered when I hear their music.
"Gypsy" is my first impression and all time favorite by FM. I still picture being in the back seat while mom had this playing on the radio while she was driving. She'd turn the volume up so high I had to yell or tap her on the shoulder to get her attention.

Her voice lives on with the Chevy commercials

Great talent

God Bless Her
In West Germany in 1976 we used to have a "quad rock" afternoon on Saturdays. The Kaserne was four buildings 4 stories high leaving a square in the center. We would take turns setting up our stereo speakers in the windows and playing reel to reel or LP's as loud as we could. Many times Fleetwood Mac rocked the quad.....along with The Steve Miller Band, ELO, Chicago, Boston, Eagles, Aerosmith etc....
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