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Clutch engage.

Jon Lowell

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10:22 PM
Dec 10, 2021
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Worcester ma
Hi Y’all. I just purchased a 69 Roadrunner
Just took for a ride. The car runs great
At a stop when releasing the clutch it doesn’t engage till the very top , and car almost wants to stall. And if I get on it a little bit when shifting into second and release clutch it falls on its face for a second like it wants to stall. None of the gears grind and it shifts smoothly.
Shouldn’t the clutch release a 1” or 2 off the floor. And there is zero play in the clutch pedal ??
not sure why it falls on it's face; but pedal at the top could still be applying force to the pressure plate........ do you smell clutch?
Not that I noticed. But it’s funny you say that cause it also feels like a minor struggle to get moving when clutch is released, not bad but I can definitely tell the difference’s between my other two 4 sp cars.
Something definitely off.
Well, at the least, your clutch needs to be adjusted, maybe more. Stumble, maybe old fuel, accelerator pump, fuel system, ignition. Have to start checking basics.
The car runs well fires up at the touch of the key. Unlike any other mopars I’ve owned. lol
Thank you for your suggestions. Much appreciated
New to you car, needs sorted out. Let the journey begin...enjoy it.
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