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Strange Clutch Issue


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6:18 AM
Jul 22, 2008
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Sherrills Ford, NC

I have two clutch issues. Once you accelerate over 2500+ rpm the pedal loses it free play and gets harder to push down when shifting then at about 4000-5000 rpm when the motor starts making some horsepower the clutch starts slipping. The strange thing is that the old clutch also slipped like that. This is the clutch that I have. Hays 85-301 Hays Street/Strip Clutch Kits | Summit Racing

What he said plus adding a torque strap would be a wise thing to do.
The motor mounts are new but I’ll check them anyway. I’ll also check them on the motor that I pulled out.
Broken motor mount?
Yup, something is moving, initially it takes away the free play, as the torque increases the engine shifts further and reaches the point the clutch releases partially..
Adjust the clutch to get some free play.
I’ll check the freeplay. I set the air gap at .050 per the instructions (.040-.050 for street) the race setting is (.050-.060) for racing. I’ll need to check it again. I’m really concerned about the clutch slipping unless it’s that I’m spinning the tires but I’m sure that’s unlikely.
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