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Connecting mechanical oil pressure gauge


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Jun 24, 2022
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Merryville, La.
I am ready to connect my oil pressure gauge to my engine block of 383 Roadrunner. Where is best location to connect up. Is it at top of engine directly behind the carb? See photo
Your Factory Service Manual will show a number of oil passage plugs you can tie into
It's at the rear most top of the block just above where the transmission bolts to it. The red spot on the photo.
There are two ports.
So.....you can either connect it to the 2nd un-used port as described above OR put a "T" in the one port you're already using
There are 2 ports at the rear of the block - you'll see a sender in one, on the left side.
There's another port on the same oil galley - on the right side - that has a plug screwed into it.
If you want to retain the sender & the dash light, use the right side for the gauge; if not, just use the left (which is a bit easier).
I don't like the nylon/plastic tubing; I use copper and usually slide shrink tube over it and hide it somewhat with the wiring harness and through a hole or plug low on the firewall.
The plastic line is the worst to use. Copper is better but it can work harden over time like a paper clip. I prefer to use -3 stainless braided teflon with a bulkhead fitting at the firewall for pass through with another -3 line to the gauge. The braided line flexes the least for pressure pulsation from the pump so you'll notice it more on the gauge than the other two. At least that was the case on my Duster.
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