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oil pressure gauge


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Sep 12, 2023
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Mahopac NY
anybody know if I can convert my oil pressure idiot light to a gauge in my 67 GTX and kind of keep it looking factory?
I had a Chevelle one time that previous owner put aftermarket gauges in to replace/work with the idiot lights.
He had a thing about keeping original lights working, so, he set up piping for oil to include two sending units. Original and aftermarket sender units were on a "sideways T" type of arrangement.
Installed a couple extra gauges in a modified console having space for them. One was an oil gauge. I bought a dual feed sensor electric, preferring not to run an oil line into the cabin and the idiot light stays intact.
Here is an idea to keep the cluster original and add a couple of gauges.
1966-1970 Mopar B-Body Console Dual Gauge Pod Charger Satellite Coronet | eBay
That’s pretty neat setup for extra gauges having a console. Did something similar for my ’63. Found an old leather console at a swap meet for 10-bucks. Had it sitting in the loft for years as a possibility before restoration. I sold an OEM console along the way having it in the car for a few years, wanting something that was more functional: Coffee cup holders (being a coffee addict) elbow rest, more storage, and idea for gauges came later. Buddy machined the gauge plate and holders out of scrap aluminum at the shop he worked at. The console had an idiot light bar I connected to brake lights, turn-signals, and headlights (thanks to wiring coaching from Nacho). Herb’s interior paint I think worked well as the console was maroon.

Console 3 pic.jpg
I have a console tach, maybe I'll mount an aftermarket gauge under the dash
#7, get 3, oil, water and volts. Go.with a sending unit or mechanical.
That is pretty nifty if you don’t have a console tach. I molded one out of fiberglass for my GTX but it was a bit of work. The problem with replacing the idiot light is it’s part of the gage cluster molding. But maybe someone has figured out a replacement with a little Dremel work.

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That aftermarket under-dash gauge pod is what was popular back in the day, we did that countless number of times. Got it today in my RR.
molded one out of fiberglass for my GTX
I’ve found no nicer compliment than when someone says “Looks like it belongs there”…like your under dash gauges do. Sweet.
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