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Crate HEMI Engine Kit factory wiring problem

The fuel pump relay is in a "Power Distribution Box" and is totally controlled by the ECM. I dont have access to the control line unless I splice into it. However, the "Fuel Pump Feed" which is the output of the relay when it's energized, only has power for 3secs after KeyOn, not when cranking, thus my question above: Does the ECM have to see some RPM (i.e. crank rotation) during cranking before it will supply fuel pump power?
If you turn the ignition on, and jumper the 2 starter solenoid wires to crank it over, will it start and a stay running? Does the fuel pump wire then have 12 volts continuous while it is running?
Starter Motor: There are2connections to be made for the starter, the starter battery connector and the starter solenoid connector. These wires will need to be extended if the starterwill be placed on the driver side of the vehicle. The starter battery connector eyelet may not becompatible with all starter options.The eyeletmay be replaced with an alternative eyelet.
That's the quote from the installation manual. There's only 1 wire to the starter solenoid.

Wouldn't you think the ECM would read the crank sensor and see that it's getting rotation and thereby supply voltage to the fuel pump?
Yes, and if it runs at all that part is working. I still think this is simply lack of power to the ecm during cranking, as happens on most older mopars when you put fuel injection on them.
winner winner chicken dinner! Thanks to 5.7 Hemi, Polara426 and 4406bbl - it was the fact that this American Autowire (AAW) kit doesnt tie the Pink (ign feed) and brown (ign coil) together by default. Those are IGN1 and IGN2. So after jumpering them and running the Crate HEMI Kit's control wires to the correct lines, the engine starts on the first crank within a second.

So in case someone needs to do this in the future:
tie the AAW unmarked brown (the ign coil wire) to the Pink (IGN FEED), and run the PINK wire from the Crate Hemi kit to that set (Pink and Brown). Finally run the Light Blue/Tan Crate Hemi kit wire to the Yellow (Start) wire in the AAW harness.
What did we win? LOL!!

Glad ya got up n’ running!