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Dashboard Paint


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Jul 9, 2023
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EDIT: I did a deeper search and see most cars appear to have a satin finish, and I found some quality paints. I think I have everything I need for now!

I am working on refinishing the dash on my '66 Charger, but now I have it all apart I see that the PO (predictably) did a half assed job on painting the metal frame and left half of it untouched. I need some guidance on what a good choice of paint would be for a relatively factory look. Were these things glossy, or more satin originally? Any reference pictures, and especially guidance on products for a good end result would be greatly appreciated.

The PO did a color change on the car from white with dark red interior to red with black interior. While I would have preferred the factory colorway, it is what it is. My goal is to make it look as original as possible with what we have. I have the new black dash pad already, and intend on purchasing the new gauge cluster surround and glove box panels soon. New black seat covers and carpets were already installed when I got the car. Hoping to make the dash frame look equally nice when surrounded by all the shiny new parts.
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for that year it is a textured paint i'm guessing ?? OER has a dash paint that is supposed to be the same .

and i was corrected . this is the exterior paint sorry for the misinformation .

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The textured organisol was used on exterior items like hood stripes & scoops. This is not the correct interior paint. It may work but is not technically correct.
8774paint1 call and talk to him he will have what you need
Ditzler/PPG called it "suede" finish paint. I bought some years ago, for my `cuda ragtop. It was about 80 bucks a pint, 15 years ago. Lacquer.