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Do you keep a notebook for your car?

I keep a file, not a very organized one but I can usually find what I need. I also keep track of carburetor jets and power valves. I have a chalk board with service dates and mileage
I recently placed notebooks in each of our 3 classic Mopars, mainly to post advice and data for those coming after me (all the ins and outs of each vehicle).
I have a notebook filled with step by step details on my 69 Coronet and 68 GTX especially the drivetrain build details. The notebook is kept in a small toolbox filled with receipts and small parts. I use them as a reference for parts purchases on my other cars it makes things much easier. One of my cars (71 Charger) I don't keep track of **** and throw the receipt's away....It's my daily driver, I don't want to know how much I've spent on it because the car doesn't hold much value but it's fun to drive.
I try to keep maintenance records but my Jeep is dealer maintained (warranty) so they have everything on file. My Ram work truck I do at home...and there's sharpie under the hood like "H2O pump and belt 268,419", "GD Fuel Pump 212,870", and "South Bend Clutch 252,850". I also track pads/rotors/tires the same way on that one. That way, I can't lose the book! My Daytona and the minivan "toy cars", I track my LOFs the same way - sharpie on the core support, miles/date. Brakleen (or hair spray - try it!) takes it off for the new one. I don't worry so much about intervals for brakes and tires for them since they get used relatively little and are usually done on the date system as opposed to mileage.

Motorcycles, everything gets done at 5k intervals (engine oil, primary/trans oil). Tires and brakes when they wear out. They are dirt-simple to maintain. I track their MPG mentally, just out of habit (and to reduce the guilt of "playing" on the way to work - hey, I'm getting 48mpg...so what if I'm having more fun than that guy in the Prius??).

I do keep mileage logs for the cars and trucks though - date, $ per gallon, fillup amount, $ amount, EVIC mileage, hand-calculated mileage. Started that on the Ram (work truck, mileage deduction at the end of the year) and it grew from there as its a great way to help ID problems before you get stranded. Regular mileage, good. Sudden blips in mileage? No bueno. Find the source ASAP to prevent getting stuck.

The Charger? Has a book. Two, actually - the car-show binder with production info and original sales docs (original BoS, original title, broadcast sheet, etc), and the maintenance book. That one, I do for resale - if I ever need to buy a kidney or something, because that's about what it'll take to make me part with it!
I hate to say this but I also use to record all my gas for my old cars starting back in the mid 70s In a little glove box notebook. i still have my old Corvette and my GTX that I continue to record all my gas use in since purchase years ago - just because it’s been in the glove box all these years so I say to myself, might as well write it down like I always have. But my two later acquisitions - a Cobra replica I built and my 66 Satellite I have not done so in an effort to at least not expand this obsession. it’s kind of an outdated obsession.

I would give my car a notebook but it doesn't have thumbs so it can't hold a pencil.
No books for any of the vehicles.