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Dodge A12 Bee finally getting attention!

Have you checked for a broadcast sheet, doubtful it survived but you never know.
Have you checked for a broadcast sheet, doubtful it survived but you never know.
I just did. I was laughing because I removed the arm rests and they had cigarette butts and a soda/beer can pull tab that must’ve been in there since the ‘70’s.
There were only a few shreds of the sheet left. It was there, but mice got to it when they shredded the seat padding to build a nest inside the right front fender.
Swap on as many correct parts as you can find, gather as many better parts as you can find but avoid a complete rest unless you feel shoving needles under your fingernails is a good time...

Put a trunk floor in it, repaint the engine compartment, swap on an unmodified A12 hood.... Replace the worst parts with better parts but restoring it will not be nearly as much fun...

Trust me, I've restored enough cars, I love a fresh shiny restored car but when driving it your always stressed to a certain level..

Plus getting anyone to do work for a reasonable cost or in a reasonable length of time is about as likely as the Titanic pulling into New York next week..
100% TRUTH... Just sold an A12 Bee been im family since new. Restored once. Finally sold to AUSTRALIA for good.. Now for a DRIVER car.. Easiest $140,000 Ive made since Baghdad Mint 2005
This has got to be the same car

This has got to be the same car

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It’s not, but it’s creepy it’s so close! Texas tags are different and the hood is different. And my front bumper is trashed from being towed by it. Mine doesn’t have that triangle in the grille and has a small dent in the left front fender near the headlight that’s been there since at least 1982.