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Edelbrock throttle cable and kickdown linkage

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Nov 28, 2018
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Waterford Michigan
This is my first experience dealing with a carb, so bear with me. I have a 318ci with an Edelbrock 600 cfm carb, and a 904 trans. All original linkage from the 2 bbl carb. I already bought the 1481 Chrysler throttle lever adapter and the 8007 A/T kit. I put both pieces on and mocked it up and realized that what I had wasn't going to work. I don't think the 8007 is what I need. I also thought about bending the old support brackets to make it fit but first, Id rather consult with the forum experts that have been working on this stuff longer than I've been alive. Thanks in advance.




Third post like this in as many weeks.

The 2 barrel bracket for the cable and kickdown is different than a 4 barrel bracket.

The cable can be made to work, but the clamp will be in an odd spot, possibly on the jacket instead of the metal sleeve.

The kickdown will need to be modified to have the correct pressure applied to the trans.

DO NOT drive the car without the kickdown linkage, or with improperly adjusted linkage.

If you do YOU WILL burn out the third gear mechanism.

I think, but am not sure that a 4 barrel throttle/kickdown bracket is reproduced.
I am lees sure about correct length kickdown linkage parts.
I lifted this pic off the A body sight.
Small block & edelbrock carb.
Yours looks like a later model set up,
Yours can be made to work fine.
To much slot ? Add a pan head screw and nut through the slot , move it the direction you need then lock it down.
Not enough slot ? Lengthen it with a die grinder. Here is a ebay # to the stud/pin you need. 235494383943
Follow the service manual specs for adjustment.
The (A ) body sight I am sure has those listed if you do a forum search on there.
Edelbrock Mopar.jpg
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