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EL (where)


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Apr 30, 2014
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looks as if EL is at radio, heater controls, gear selector indicator!......... Clock? On the shifter bracket, limit switch that is engaged if in park does what? I am not getting continuity in park or as I move selector..........Does it have to do with safety start switch and may need voltage ? thank you all :)
First of all what are you working on. I will assume Charger but it matters, what year?
Sorry ask too soon, acts as if may be reverse switch......My gear shift indicator is awful looking under the plastic, any chance of removing the plastic and cleaning ??

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Sorry again didnt see the what yr is a 66 :)
66 had EL radio, (I think) heater control if A/C car, clock and shifter indicator (as well as dash).
67 indicator and clock are bulb.
Yes, should come apart to clean. BUT BE SURE to remove battery connections of the EL. Otherwise one touch and it will knock you on your ***.
EL wire is WHITE and should have a red end connector.
On a '66 the EL is in the radio, A/C controls, clock, shift indicator. '66 was the only year for EL in shifter and clock. (another reason why '66's are the best)
The switch your talking about is the reverse light switch. I have to dig into mine too, want to get the reverse lights working.
On the shift indicator. Remove the lid, then remove the 2 speed nuts holding the indicator to the lid. the plastic is sandwiched in between the indicator and lid. Once they are off you can clean and polish the plastic. Also I took some cleaner wax and lightly polished the surface of the indicator. It will brighten up the letters nicely. You can also do that to the gauges in the dash.
Mine is completely disassembled so no "shock" but thanks for the advice............Any one fix radios and clocks on here ? Also abt the gear indicator, I am talking abt the lettered strip being so terrible not the cover so am a little leary to take 'apart', Are we talking abt same pc ? thanx again Ken
I found a pic of the center console top plate from my parts car. There are 4 speed nuts in each corner. Remove them and you will be able to clean the EL PRND21 face. If your careful it will be OK. Did this to mine last year, amazing how much brighter the EL once the face is cleaned.



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Actually El means "the". "Donde" is where.
Actually in 1st gen language it means electroluminescent.
hope to add picture of the gear indicator, looks as if the EL itself is discolored, Very concerned abt attemptingto seperate it from the metal backing or the plastic cover? should I CHARGER 004.jpgbe ?
Wow, that is messed up. Was there a plastic lens, did it come off?
The once black strip with the PRND21 stays on the metal strip. The EL strip is under that black strip, don't remove that. You would try to wax the black strip.
Not sure if anything is gonna bring that back to life. Give it a try but if you have no luck I have one on the top plate pictured above if you want to go that route.
can you show pic of your indicator ? Yes mine was intact, so not sure y so discolored :-(......20+ in Junkyard, then 20+ in my yard certainly didn't help............
Hmmmm...mine isn't much better. This is the only pic I could find. I could take a look at it again and get a better pic if you want.

I cleaned those up all the time...use a vinyl polish...I ferget who made it
Vinylex (I used this on my gauges - works great)

or Back to Black
I am quite sure the suface is not the ugly in this case Bryan, or are you talking about disassembling and actually doing some work on the strip itself ?? thanks, Gpuller thanks for the pic, urs is better than mine, but looks as if it has similar discolor........So I will keep mine unless EL doesn't work, does yours ? also to make sure abt testing the EL etc., entire dash is on work bench along with complete wiring harness from engine bay. My question is "can I hook up battery and then ground to dash metal, dash is sitting on metal work bench w metal legs...Or should dash be on non-conductive and simply ground wire from neg post to dash metal ? Hope the question is clear, do not want to damage anything not already in "BAD" mode thanks Ken
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