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First cam swap questions?

Explain this please?
You said you have a degree wheel coming so you'll know within 1 degree if it is installed right. Those Lunati cams have a "ground-in" 4 deg early closing of the intake valve that helps preserve cyl pressure. I'm wouldn't advance cam that much further without consulting Lunati.
Align the timing marks at crank 12:00 with the cam 6:00 when installing like the picture on post #6 . Trying to do 12 on both it is "easier" to get the cam timing a tooth off.
With it in this position you can put your oil pump/distributer gear in with the slot parallel to the camshaft(2nd pic post 6).. Drop the distributer in timed to #6.
If you want to time it for no.1 (on the ignition) With the timing chain on and camshaft timed, Turn the engine 180 degrees till cam and crank are both in the 12 position and install distributer pointed to #1.
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Yes, I noticed on the card that it was advanced 4 degrees yesterday so I left it at zero 'er something.
So i have Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Heads 60829 with these springs : Edelbrock 5792 Edelbrock Sure Seat Valve Springs | Summit Racing

The specs say to break in cam with a single spring. It looks like these are single springs with a dampener with a 330 spring rate.

Would I be good to break in the cam with these? I hate to swap out springs yet too.

Ya call Lunati, the EDE springs are not too hard, but ask Lunati. Otherwise you need some stock like springs.
I read on another forum nothing over 300lbs, which these are 330lbs. Not too much higher. IDK? And if break in is at 2500 RPM I wouldn't thing it would get too the full 330lbs... Just me talking out of my butt.

I'm on hold with them now... 5th in queue. Grr...
330 is your spring rate not your actual lbs over the nose. You should be about 290.

( Lift x 330) + seat pressure= lbs

Break it in as is.
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Perfect!! Thank you! I'm still on hold! This is terrible.

So thanks!
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