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For the love of the game….

Never pass up a free parts car!

I had to explain to the wife......... nothing is free unless it is delivered and installed

this after she had me go get a truck load of "free" mulch :BangHead:
Congratulations. :lol:


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no, it's worse
California cars do rust but not as bad as regions where they salt the roads due to snow. The cars near the coast rust from the top down most of the time.
Many cars that I've picked up have rusty spare tire wells and lower quarters. I've just never seen one from here that had it in so many places.
The interior looks horrible but....The dash pad is nearly perfect. Most CA cars have wasted dash pads like these:


70 J.JPG

71 K.JPG
Sorry. I would have gotten back in my truck & left the Duster to continue it's mission to return to the earth...
Yeah.....but I love this stuff. I won't get rich from it but I do enjoy it. This seems to be the only way to find parts since they don't turn up in junkyards much anymore
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A Dimond in the rough. I have been to Ca. a few times and more inland the cars are better. But they do have that monsoon season out there. Rained for a darn week. They say sunny Ca. but did not include that part of the year. LOL. Nice find and most any thing can be restored. Maybe.
Epic post! Even better photos! A walk down memory lane, I grew up in an area like that, maybe not far from where you were. Happy to have self-deported east. There are some cars hidden in the Bay Area. It’s not all Teslas (yet). Many of the cars are hidden by fences that resemble prison gates. Thanks again for sharing. Now all you gotta do is get it on Roadkill. I bet Steve Dulcich would have a ball with it!
I would have drug that car home in a heartbeat as well. Lots of good stuff to sell on it yet. Plus, you are retired now and need something to keep you busy, right?
By the way, is the windshield and rear glass outer trim nice? I'm looking for another set for my 70 Duster and I think that car would be the same.
Sorry. I would have gotten back in my truck & left the Duster to continue it's mission to return to the earth...

:rofl:Just more crap to move to the new house. It'll cost more in gas to haul it to the new house than it's worth, even if you take it apart and carry it. LOL
I'll have this car cut up within 3 days of touching it. I have another car ahead of it.
I'm like Greg. I use to find that kind of stuff fun. Haven't you ever spent a morning in a wrecking yard with a 5 gallon bucket full of tools. With a bunch of screws bolts small parts back in the bottom? I'd still do it if there were any cars in today's scrap yards that would grab my interest.
Yeah, I dig it.
Cars like this don't tempt me to save them like I'd feel with a unwrecked and unrusted body. Some guys shy away from cars with no title but that doesn't sway me. It is actually MUCH easier to get a title in California than many other states.
A badly wrecked or rusted car makes the decision easy.
I love my shiny car but nothing beats getting dirty and greasy with an old junker. I just love it.
I usually like going through the cars looking for hidden treasures and forgotten tools.

Rust 25.JPG

I had to empty out what was left in the trunk so it didn't fall out onto the trailer and into someone's grille during the ride home.
Despite the appearance, there are still plenty of good OEM only parts to save. I have THIS car that I'm going to sell and it is lacking a few things:

No treasures inside, just 20-25 booze bottles, a roof mounted TV antenna, a couple garden hoses, lots of cigarette butts and broken glass. The seat came out easy since the floor rusted around it.



That's a good time, whatever you end up getting out of it!
I'm with ya Kern, taking a day with the trailer to go haul a piece of old Mopar is time well spent.
Just think, countless people that saw you cruising the highway with that behind you were saying "Wow, someone's got a new project!" (That's what I say when see an oldster being hauled!)
And hey...at least the guy didn't have it for sale for 5K like so many delusional junkpar owners!