Gen2 Hemi experts. Review my refresh plan?


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Apr 17, 2017
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Lake Villa IL
Well the use of the break in oil was just because it's what I had and having never started it before, didn't know what it would have for oil pressure.

With the 20w-50 pressure seemed rather high.

1150 idle, 49psi

2000rpm 70psi

7600rpm 78psi

So to me it seemed that having that much pressure so early but not increasing much with rpm it was just opening/flowing through bypass early.

Now it's-

1150 idle, 37psi

2000rpm 65psi

7600rpm 71psi

Reasoning is, I feel the thinner oil will have a higher flow rate, especially cold/warm up. Also think it would free up a little power and take some load off of the oil pump driveshaft gear.