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Happy to be here!


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Apr 25, 2023
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St. Charles MO
Greeting everyone, I'm happy to have finally joined up.

Last Feb. I picked up a '67 Charger 'Barn Find', last registered March '87. I spent all last summer getting it up to snuff, rebuilding the entire fuel system, charging system, brakes, full service and the typical lot. Actually got it to run and drive but would overheat immediately. Spent the winter rebuilding the 318 that is currently in it, and am just about to finish it's install than I can hopefully try a true maiden voyage for the car in several decades.

My father also owns a '66 Charger, survivor, all original.
Here's a few pics of our Chargers, and I glad to join the forum in hopes of getting some answers to the many questions I have as I try to bring this old car back to life.

Specific info I'm currently seeking-
Power Window diagrams / schematics for the '66-'67 B-Bodies,
Best way to Decode the IBM Cards without paying someone.

I can provide any requested info on these two cars, I guess 1st gens run in the family.




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Welcome from NY.
Sounds like you've been busy.
Welcome from New Zealand.

Great looking Charger. Nice work.
Nice rides

Welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras

good luck with your "barn find" 67 Charger
Thank you all for the greetings, here is a little backstory on my B Body.

I bought my '67 from a father / son duo that drug it from a garage in 2019 where it had sat since late 80's early 90's. Well, 2019 happened as it did and they sat on the car for 2 yrs doing nothing to it, to which I bought it in Feb 2022 when they listed it for sale. Story goes they bought it from the widower of a man who had it for ~30 years. I have no fender tag, and ~30% of the original build sheet, but story goes the car at one point had a 440 in it, and now has a '72 minted 318, with a '66 727 mated to it.

I know nothing is concrete and I can not prove any of it, but evidence suggests it is an original A/C Car, (all tinted original glass, Chrysler Air Temp Decal), Original P/W car, (all OEM switches and wiring, no evidence of door panels or glass being removed), vinyl top, blue on blue on blue, originally the Metallic Turquoise exterior, dark blue interior, Dark blue vinyl top? (probable faded black?). Fender emblem holes sudgest it was a 383 2brl, though it came with dual exhaust and 383 4brl badges. Car was at some point long ago painted white with the power-train removed, then undercoated black. Now the drivers side is spray can primer, passenger side still shows the white paint, with almost a gloss still. Trunk pan has a few holes, drivers floor has 2 small quarter sized holes, drivers rocker fwd of rear tire has a weird galvanized steel patch, and pass rocker aft of the rear tire has another galvanized steel patch. There is a bondo repair started on right rear corner, unfinished, not very deep. Rest of the car, floor, fenders, roof is really straight and clean. Interior had the carpet when I got it, which was beyond gross, and was pulled. Drivers seat bottom is torn, but all other interior bits, center counsel, and rear carpet cleaned up really nice. None of the original gauges work, and it had an 80's radio hacked into the dash bezel. Knowing the bezel was shot, I built my own gauge / switch panel in its place.

Electrically the car is a mess, it clearly had a short or overcharge that fried the P/W wiring, A/C wiring, and Charging sys wiring. (What I believe removed it from the road) Not sure if the 318 in it currently ever ran, but after a basic amount of tinkering I got it started with the all the furniture that came on it, so who knows.

I've cleaned almost everything to some extent, but after 6 months I couldn't drive more then a mile without it overheating. So over the winter I pulled the 318 and have completely rebuilt it myself, (You could scoop the sludge out of the valley with your hand) and am just finishing reinstalling everything and am hoping to go for a first start / break in this or next weekend. (Yes, new raidator / water pump) Amazingly, I was able to find a '67 minted 383 longblock, which I've been slowly finding furniture for, and will at some point swap that into the car. Without having any documentation on it, and seeing how 'hacked' the car has gotten in the past 40 years, I do not plan on painting the car at all, and am simply going for the ratty muscle car, 'Roadkill' style hot rod, with maybe repairing the rust / patches in a few years. I may given the condition of the exterior get some big Nascar style decals made and jazz it up as a 'Cotten Owens' tribute of sort.

My Father's is a original '66, 383 2brl car, with the only things being replaced on it is the drivers seat bottom cover, 108k miles, never been a apart, original paint. With the experience I've been getting tearing the car apart and rebuilding, this summer we are hoping to pull the 383 from my Dad's Charger and freshen it up with a new cam, intake, and carb.

Welcome from CT. Is the car silver or white, really like either color and a blacker top sets off the body color.
A Service Manual has wiring diagrams, here's a link.
Service Manuals – MyMopar
^^ I've been all over the FSM and other resources MyMopar offers, so many thanks! With the P/W system, I'm deciphering where the feed wires go, and relays involved with it.











Welcome from Alabama, you have done a lot of the grunt work and rebuilt the 318, hopefully you have a great first drive and many more.