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Has anyone purchased a new gas can lately?

Can you imagine running out of gas and walking 10 miles to the nearest gas station only to find out you can't put any gas in your gas can is not approved by the EPA because it is not up to current regulations?
I bought one a couple years ago when it was cold outside the can was sucking itself in and Expanding in the summer i was afraid it was going to start leaking . I took the nozzle apart and pulled the spring and plunger out and drilled a small hole in the cap so it will vent i used some old indian head gasket shellac and glued the 2 funnel pieces together no leaks .
Government at it's best!!! This has been a huge PITA since introduced. Here in Ohio our cans take several minutes to empty and god forbid you let the nozzle slip off the filler ring because it starts the whole gulp, gulp cycle all over. I remember being at the hardware store before I had bought one of the new ones and couldn't believe how big of a fit a costumer was throwing over not being aloud to return one.... I totally get his aggregation now. I was just in Canada where my good buddy Goon was nice enough to purchase a few good nozzles for me and lol. Another friend picked up a few old fashion metal cans for me as well so I should be good now. Sad that filling our mowers has become such a PITA!
I never spilled this much gas in my life till these new spouts. Gerrrrrrr And yes I modified it.
At least we still have vents in Canada!
Just bought one two weeks ago.
Right there with you guys...new cans and especially the spouts, suck....
Try putting about 25 gallons in a boom lift precariously standing on the tires with the POS OSHA approved cans...:mad:
OSHA is just like the government...everything they touch they F-up...:icon_fU:
I've picked up several pre-non vent metal and plastic gas, kerosene, and diesel fuel cans at yard sales local auctions. Got some really nice steel safety cans in 5 and 2 1/2 gallons for less then $5 bucks.
Safety is for fags. Be a man, deal with stuff instead of living in a protective bubble.
Dad used to clean his hands with gasoline while smoking cigarettes. He never caught fire.
I had to buy one of those cans when I changed the tank on my pick-up. I have ASE Masters certification in Diesel Repair and it took me 10 minutes to get the top off. Straight in the garbage it went. Now I have....