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Has anyone purchased a new gas can lately?


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Oct 25, 2010
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Monroe, New York
I needed a new 5 gal. Plastic gas can. The only gas cans they sell is a plastic one with a plastic twisty spring loaded mechanism on the spout. They suck!!!
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Yes, I've bought several. The loaded spring cans are much safer if it's full of gas & tips over in your trunk. If you have a newer car designed for unleaded gas, then the spring-spout will allow you to put gas in the car without spilling any, no matter how full it is. The spring slides back when pushed into an unleaded filter neck hole.

They are a PIA for our older cars though.... and if you have a filler cap behind the rear license plate, you often need a large funnel with a "bendy" spout to get the gas in the car.
Yes they do suck big time but you can buy a normal spout for them on eBay.
It's the government telling us we don't know how to use a gas can anymore.
The first mod is to drill a vent hole in the opposite end of the spout and use a golf tee to plug it when not in use.
Agreed they suck ***

I bought one a while back
fortunately I had a old style spout that fit fine
If your fueling a riding mower or old tractor. Stick the largest funnel you can in the tank filler neck, remove the cap assy from the gas can and pour away.
Or use one like this
gas can.jpg
Bought 2 plastic 5 gal cans this summer from local hardware store. What pieces of crap the safety devices are! Then while wandering in the " tractor palace", I found conversion kits for uh "water" jugs conviently located next to their gas containers. So I figured if I was going to use a container for water, I should have this. Kits come with 2 different threaded caps, a nifty vent assy, long flexible spout, and instructions.
Just the ticket for hauling water, if i remember, its about $6.
you can get a safety can galvanized metal which is OSHA safe we are required to have on commercial construction sites. they have a handle you carry the can with and doulbles as the lever to open about a 1 1/4" opening with built in funnel. grainger.com they sell safety equipment, hard hats safety harnesses etc. nice cans but pricey they are around $50 made in usa or buy the plastic one made in china for $12. Army surplus stores used to have the flat sided one that fit in jeeps, haven't been to one in a while. you might be able to get one there.
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Bought same thing at Agri South which is a small tractor supply store. Paid 11 dollars for it.
They suck bad, bet more people get fu#ked up with those sumbitches than the old style. I like and use the racing fuel type but they are not compliant and I still have the old metal Standard Oil kind.