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Hemi owners! Head torque extension tool...


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Sep 3, 2008
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Austin, TX
Where can I get the torque wrench extention that let's you torque the studs in the lifter galley?


Matco & snap on sell them.Now when you ask what to torque them to,you will get several different opinions
Hey Hemi-itis! Don't know if you remember me but we've talked at a car show years back.

Anyway, I asked a Snap On guy tonight if had something like that and he just had a specific size box end type extension. Is that what you use? I was looking for one that just had a square drive on the end so I could use any size socket.

Yeah, I saw that while doing a search. If it comes down to it, I'll build one. Just wanted to see if anyone made one.


I think I remember meeting you Dave,but my CRS has gotten worse.Where did we meet?? Etown,Island,Atco,LVR or Carlisle?

The snap on extension is a 12 pt closed end with a 3/8 drive.I still end up doing it with the German method,,,,,,,,,goodntite:toothy4:
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The Wrench is called a Dog Bone. Most matco guys will be clueless. The Snapon catalogue has it. Square drive 3/8 by the type of nut your using. You will need a low twist extension from Snapon. Keep the extension to 3 inch or less.

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Here is some good info on how to calculate the revised torque value and building the extension.
Meep this is nice but for Hemi you need the dog bone.

I think it was at a Musclepalooza. You brought your car on a rollback.

Thanks for the info, guys. I guess a specific size is all they make. And I guess with the ARP studs, the 12 points go in this area.

First off, sweet avatar!!! Torque calibration is a myth...... If you put the extension at a 90* angle to the torque wrench, the nut sees the exact same torque that's applied to the wrench... It has to do with opposing angles....


If you don't have clearance for it that way, then that's a different story....
Hemi head requires a reverse attached wrench and trying to use 90 degree/ Opposing angel sounds cool. It will not fit the head arrangement. Very different then you wedge heads see.
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