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Horn question


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Jan 17, 2023
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Louisville, KY
Can someone tell me where I should start troubleshooting a problem I’m having with my horn - The horn blows when the steering wheel is turned.

Thanks for any ideas!

P.S. here is a photo of the wheel (tach has been removed):

The horn works when the black wire gets a path to ground. Something is shorting the black horn wire to ground. You will need to pull the steering wheel to find it. Possibly a bare spot in that wire. Won't know until you inspect.
Pop the medallion out, take the screw out and remove the spoke cover and work your way in from there. You horn switch may have sometime that's fallen inside of it IF YOU'RE LUCKY. If not, after that you're pulling the horn switch and checking the wire as suggested ^^^. After that you may be pulling the wheel to see if the roller has fallen off the signal light switch assembly and shorting to ground in some fashion.
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