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Hutchins sanders


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Jul 22, 2010
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When I set up my new shop I purchased a slug of new tools, I'll try to report with my thoughts here if anything in particular impresses or fails to impress.

I purchased 4 different air sanders from the Hutchins line. First off is the big gear driven 8" model 2001 "eliminator"

I had run an 8" viking brand dual action gear drive for around 10 years now as my means of total paint removal on whole cars. After running the Hutchins 2001, my viking is now a paperweight.

The 2001 is a beast, makes short work of what I thought I was doing fairly well in the past.

Secondly, I purchased straightline Hutchins model 2000. I've had an Ingersoll Rand straight line for over 15 years and that old red straight line taught me to hate air powered straight line sanders. I just spent about a half an hour working with the Hutchins model 2000, I love it. My hands aren't numb, its very quiet, easy to handle, very controllable.


I just had to report some positive findings on these 2 sanders. I also have a model 3500 6" palm trigger DA and a Hutchins waterbug that I haven't used yet. I'll report on those 2 later.
Nice. I had Hutchins stuff back in the day, and I never regretted buying the best. I gave all my body tools away about 4-5 years ago.

Seeing that you have had experience with tools before, your past experience has helped you in choosing these items.
Man what a benifit that was!

I personally like the "forward" handle on the 8" Eliminator...

Great tools Dave!

keep the reports coming dave. I always like seeing what's good out there that somebody has used.
I've got one of those red straight boards and have to agree, I didn't even get it out on the Charger instead did it by hand........ That's how much I like it! Congrats on the nice tools
Believe me after using these tools for 25 years on a daily basis, I wouldn't ever buy anything else but a Hutchins. Actually still made in the USA. I've bought 2 Hutchins Da's in 25 years and that was only because I got sick of doing bodywork and sold all my tools once. Oil once in awhile, don't drop and run the speed moderate and not full open and they will last. Also buying a pair of good impact gloves will help your hands last longer according to the surgeon who will be repairing my worn out hand joints.
Check out these Hutchins dinosaurs

The long sanders are probably 15 years old, though only been used occasionally 3 years max. The DA sanders are at least 30 years old, have thousands of hours on them and still work fine.


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