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I have worms

It appears that RC needs a trip to the vet, they have pills for that the Mrs better take him now,before he starts dragging his *** across the lawn!
Well it's a bit unusual but you will likely lose some weight.
A Klingon delicacy !! Mmmmm, good !
The only rain we had I over the last week was a drizzle yesterday. That article doesn’t explain them dying in the driveway and street with their guts hanging out.

Picked up another 60-70 live ones in the driveway this morning. When I put them in this container, they got slimy and died. Weird.

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They look like baby Massachusetts Anaconda's. Try some milk with them. Yum Yum
Cold, rain or freezing/frost maybe
(I never thought it was true, but; someone told me if they freeze
they/worms after they get warm, expand & expload their guts out )

happens here too
usually after torrential rains, all across the driveway always
I think they figure (do they reason things out) it's warmer/drier (?)

I don't know why ?

I may look it up for shits & giggle
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I just asked it online
they breath thru their skin
they don't have lungs
when it drys out too much or gets too wet,
they go to where it's wetter/dig deeper at the proper humidity
so they can breath normally, in moist ground, not overly wet
or when it's high humidity, or too wet, they come out in droves
as to be able to breath (thru their skin)

they also allegedly do it, come out to the surface
to escape what they think (do they reason things out ?) are predators, moles etc.
from vibrations in the ground, also from rain, hail, even earthquakes etc.

didn't say anything about their guts coming out & dying
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Did you just finish washing off your driveway with some kind of soap, cleaner, bleach? They don't like that and will come to the surface real quick.
"Oh yeah? That's gross man."

Earlier in this clip he's reading Auto Trader. "$14 grand for a Cuda?! I'd give him seventy-five hundred tops."

Curious as to why I got a Red X for a perfectly true story about my early career job experiences ?????

I didn't bring up that the guy (Colin) working with me was ex-SAS and a really fit guy. Knowledgeable sparky, and a great guy to work with. I watched him swing single-handed between roof purlins in a house, a with a full drum of cable in the other hand.

He told me all sorts of stories from his military camp days when he taught new recruits the ways of a soldier. He would have boxing matches with any and all-comers....with one hand tied behind his back.....and still lay the other guy out on the canvas. The guy is now a dedicated family man and a JW also.
RC said that they were good with some balsamic vinaigrette dressing!
I was a bit worried for you there for a second.
Glad they are the garden variety.
As long as the ground is overly moist they will continue to surface. The dryer the ground the deeper they go. They breathe thru their body, so they need to be in non saturated ground.
I noticed several dead ones on the driveway over the weekend and when I went out to get my mail today, there are now hundreds of them. I know that they will come out when there's a lot of rain, but today's rain was only drizzle & it's the first rain we've had in a week. I went out with my backpack blower and blew them out in the street before they dry up tomorrow and stick to the blacktop. I commented about them to a lady walking her dog and she said that they are all over the street. Anyone else ever seen anything like this? It's a wormageddon!!!!

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Most of them have their guts hanging out of them like this one.....

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Having just completed my 2-yearly electrical refresher course today....a thought comes to mind.

Not entirely 100% sure how the American system works, but it might be worth getting an Electrician in to check your house over Mark.....there may be a broken ground rod connection. Worms do not like electricity, and if you have voltage bleeding down to ground, this will be enough to drive worms to the surface.

Just saying. :thumbsup: