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I'm going to slam college education.

I think what the main theme in this thread is that kids going to school racking up huge debt to graduate with a gender studies degree or social justice degree, or liberal arts degree, all of which prepare you for absolutely nothing in this world is a huge waste of money and time. For example, 60 years ago, a business management degree from a good university would get you an entry level management job at a factory or some other manufacturing place, now, it's a guaranteed spot at McDonalds. Things have changed. We need more kids to go into the trades for sure.
And congrats on your grandkids success.
Main issue I see is the manufacturing jobs are going away. Hard to build a community on fast food, gambling and tourism.
If you have a young person interested, Grobb is offering apprenticeships in western Ohio. Looks like a great opportunity.

I’ve done both: tool and die apprenticeship and later an associate degree. The apprenticeship was harder. It was really hard to get one back then and even now few companies offer them. 40 years ago if you didn’t perform or keep up your night school grades the company would fire you at the drop of a hat. Pay was crappy (less than non-apprentices doing the same work.) Hours were long, you had to do crap jobs and were treated like a dog.

College, I think anyone can get into some sort of school. Sit in class and do book work. Too bad I hate sitting in class. But it doesn’t take any physical skill like skilled trades.

But, I think a college degree (bachelor and up) opens way more doors down the road.

I look at this as such: An 18-yo kid, fresh out of high school, has three real choices to pick from...

One. College, which is a huge waste these days, considering the crap that students are forced to "learn", along with incurring ridiculous student debt (which is ultimately the student's choice and responsibility to pay it all back, job or not!), with or without scholarships. And stuck with jobs usually not related at all to the field of study. Not really "ready to work" out the gate. Unless one has an engineering or medical degree.

Two. Trade or vocational school. Kid learns a trade for a couple of years and is then equipped to gain an apprenticeship, easily making what that college kid is making; and without the crushing debt! Out the door, ready to work! Plus, depending on the trade, he/she/it is making $50K - $85K right out the gate!

Three. Military service. Even with a two-year USA enlistment, you get the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Go to school as your military job allows time for, get out, and continue with a vocational pursuit OR college, as one sees fit to do. Working immediately with a decent paycheck, plus the choice to make the military a career or pursue civilian life. Win-win!

OK, four choices. Fourth, be a bum. A drag on society. A leech to the welfare system. Do absolutely nothing. Be the person the newspuke interviews, with the caption that says "homeless by choice for 12 years"...