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Is this Crazy or am I missing something?


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May 28, 2021
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I was on eBay looking for a set of pushrods and came across an old Sun Tach that someone was asking $1500 for
I was thinking there was no way he'd ever sell a tach for that.
So I did an Advanced eBay search for Tachometers and saw these.
Almost $5,000 for a Tach? What am I missing? Out of curiosity, I did a regular search for Vintage tachs and it blew my mind what some of these tachs are selling for and what some people are asking $$$$ for them.
Here are just a few that have SOLD recently.
What am I missing?
Image (2).jpeg
Image (3).jpeg
Image (4).jpeg
What's scary is that if I came across one at a garage sale, I wouldn't know 40 bucks from 4,000.
Luckily i never liked bolt on aftermarket gauges. Couple grands saved. :D
What you might find with the highest priced one is that the guy meant $700 and somebody with zero feedbacks went ahead and bought it as a joke.

What's truly funny is I've bought and sold NOS tachometers and they don't always work. Just because they're new, there's no guarantee.
I'm a stupid *** for selling my old Sun Super tach for $75 a couple years ago. Oh well!

I wonder if my mid 70's DC SW mechanical tach is now worth $1 million?
To answer the thread question.... no you're not missing anything, some people are bat-**** crazy,,,,,,

I don't have the head unit, but I think I may have the ancient Sun control part, the one that uses the oddball battery that nobody can get anymore....
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I have one brand new in the box, I like it as garage art but at those prices :)

I find it hard to believe they bring that kind of money

tach 3 nos.jpg

tach 4 nos.jpg
I bought mine (works great) at Carlisle last year. New in the box dated receipt from 1973.
That's nonsense - keep in mind, an eBay auction that shows as "won" might be nothing more than
two people who know each other faking a transaction.

I have a certain affinity for the old Sun Super Tach II unit myself (I've had one in most of my hot
rods since the 70's, including in Fred now) and the worst I ever fessed up for a really nice one was $50.
When you have that vision of that car that you never had in High School and now you have it and all it needs to be finished is that one.......last....part.