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jack decal location,Grave yard cars screwed up I think

Here's the original on my unrestored 66 Belvedere ..................

Here's the original on my unrestored 66 Belvedere ..................

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Guess the guy doing my Sat was a bit taller... same general place though and confirmation my sticker is correct as well. Underside of my trunk hasn't been painted, but was suspect of whether the decal was correct for the car though.
The problem is that people take what Mark says as gospel when he is wrong more often than not! We will see a bunch of cars at the shows done incorrectly at shows near you! Did you see the episode where he put the stencil R/T decal on the sassy grass 71 Challenger up in the middle of the hood instead of on the front,or the Road Runner dust trail stripes too high? How about the 71 Road Runner with the left spoiler on the right,and the right on the left? The lower control arms dipped the opposite way the factory did them? I won't even get into when he was wheeling the Daytona on a floor jack,dropped it taking out the valence and bottom of the nosecone! People take what he says to be correct,and more often than not he is wrong!
I know what you’re saying and Mark is wrong many times but he does have a lot of knowledge that is correct. Wouldn’t say he’s an expert like Dave Wise and some others. He has always said they try to put them back the way they left the factory not necessarily “correct” unless the owner wants it correct. I’m sure they just make mistakes too. That being said, when I did my Challenger many things were “wrong” from the factory and I had to decide if I wanted to make them correct or “ as built”. The shenanigans can get to be too much sometimes but in my 50 years of experience working on and restoring these cars, any time you’re working on cars with other dudes, there’s going to be pranking and silliness. Mark can be a distraction and annoying at times but I waited a long time for a show to feature our brand, so I’ll try to look past all that.
Well thanks to Mike aka @Charles Cook he knows I get OCD and sent me this pic of a 70 Super Bee grave yard cars did. I think it is wrong. I member here with a yellow 70 Bee needs to post a pic of his unrestored bee trunk lid. View attachment 1388995
I am the original owner of a 1969 Dodge Charger. The jack sticker on the trunk lid is in the location "A" indicated by the attached screen shot (sorry, I don't know who posted the photo). My car was built in Hamtramck. The car is currently in restoration in another city and I don't have a photo of the sticker as original.

looks like he's hanging a picture frame.......dead center and level.......no way that EVER happened at the factory......what a douche
Anyone who has been around knows that the only correct way to apply a trunk jack decal is to put it on crooked..... and never the same way as another car.
GYC is an awesome resource when restoring your own mopar. When your wife will sit down and watch a car show with you and laugh and enjoy and learn about them....bring on the shenanigans and the adds!
Generally, not known for being artistically inclined. Suspect the sticker orientation became more haphazard during the course of a typical shift.

EX: My unrestored, stock original, '69 Coronet R/T (Lynch Rd)

Just in case you were wondering ...
Yup. That is the original jack and F70-14 spare. Amazingly, tire is not dry rotted. Still holds air.

Coronet RT(9a).jpg
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I guess they could end up anywhere :BangHead:
Here's my '66 Satellite - St. Louis car. Same place as RC's but higher. I don't have a wider shot of it at the moment.

ok... here's the REAL story on the trunk decal >>> You have to research the 'actual time of day' of the car build. Earlier in the shift, the decals were placed on the higher flat area inside the deck lid. As the day wore on, the assembly line worker got tired, so the decals became stuck lower on the lid. Exceptions: Monday morning hangover time, the decals were applied crooked, anywhere, even under the hood. And Friday late in the day, were missing completely, as the worker cut out early for the weekend. { satire, if not obvious }
It always seems like a good show then I remember why I can't stand it, too much reality TV not enough focus on the cars.