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Mar 7, 2023
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Dudes. I'm finishing up the resto on my 71 EV2 Roadrunner. I'm just missing a few little odds and ends of bolts/hardware. I'm hoping someone just has these lying around. I refuse to $100 for a full bolt set when I just need a couple and really hate to use anything that isn't original, as I'm one of those guys...lol I'm needing 3 hood scoop studs, hopefully with the nuts. I'm needing one of the short studs at the lower fender with nut/washer. And I'm needing 3 cowl screen screws.

Thanks everyone.




I have a bunch of Mopar bolts ect. If you have the big yellow book by Dave Wise or similar give me the part # or description and I will see if I can help. Pics would work to.
I don't have part numbers, but here are some pics. Studs pretty clear to see, the cowl screen screws shown are for a 70 Cuda, I think mine have a slightly larger diameter head, but the same step down that it has. And last but not least, the lower fender studs with nuts/washers are circled in red.

Thanks again, just let me know.





I know I have the fender stud and nut with a keps type washer. Those shouldered screws for the screen maybe as the scoop studs maybe. Let me do some digging.
This is what I found so far. Pretty crusty 2 inch overall stud length. Got more to go through. Nothing on the shouldered screws or scoop studs yet.

Sweet, okay, well I guess that's something. Let me know if you find the others. Happen to know of hand what clip holds the throttle cable to the pedal? I'm sure a plastic retainer of some sort, haven't been able to find one anywhere. Someone stuck a screw in mine to keep it from falling out...lol
I did send them a request for the bolts, no answer yet. In the meantime, if they can't find them, I've got another small list of missing hardware. I'm missing 3 of my top fender bolts, I've attached pics with measurements, look to have a cross or something on the top. I'm missing one lower fender clip, also pictured. Let me know if you have any of those, and I'll still take the studs off your hands as well. I'd take another one of the shorter ones as well if you have one. Thanks again and just let me know.





Just heard from Greg at Parts Mix, no go. Only sold in kits, too labor intensive to sell seperately. I guess you're all I got buddy...lol Don't worry about the hood scoop studs and cowl screen screws, I'll just pick up kits for those.
OK cool the dig will continue. What is your time frame on this? And PM you address. I should have the bolts New IIRC and used fender clips some where. USPS flatrate box should will let you know.
OK so this is what I have. The Cad plated is not the same head marking but is the correct size washer. Next the used black one should be correct like yours. The cleared one has the cross and a E,F or L in a circle. Depending on what Plant and supplier,date, shift or finishing a box of bolts, you know what I am saying. Could be any of them. The Cad plated was from Parts mix for My 68. After cleaning and paint you would be hard pressed to see the detail. Unless you are going for 100 points. Just put them where you need a Monkey on a stick that knows how to use a GoPro. The Fender clip I dont have but again put it out of prying eyes view. They are close and will function. The smaller washered black phosphate have the correct markings and are new as is the cad plated. I will put some extras so you can choose. Should ship to morrow. YO.



anything else you can think of before I box and ship? Now is the time. Smalls only. Just pay the Shipping Merry Christmas and Pay Forward when you can.

Here is the tracking # Just put $10 in a Envelope and Mail to me Snail Mail Is cool. Should hit you on Saturday My address is on the Box.

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