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WTB WTB 71 Roadrunner Parts

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Mar 7, 2023
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Dudes, needing a few small items for my fird. I'm needing the vapor canister in the driver's rear wheel well, mine's fine, but it's metal bottom bracket has a couple rust holes in it, somebody got one a little more solid? How about those crazy expensive side marker lights, a couple of mine are broken but I refuse to pay the $300 a pair the stores are charging. Last but not least, a Tuff wheel adapter, mine has the wheel but no adapter so it sits like 1/2" off the frickin turn signal...lol

Thanks dudes.


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I have a couple side marker lenses that are crazed but not broken.

Do you need amber or red?

I might have the vapor can bracket but I haven't looked at it and the car is super rusty underneath.
Tuff wheel "cans" are repro'd but $$$ and OEM are going for the same or more.
I'm actually needing one of each, but toss me some pics so I can see how bad they are, my amber isn't broken, just faded and real ugly. And just let me know on the bracket, but guessing equally as rusty...lol Thank you.
And I did see you can purchase new cans for $150 and there's a 3 month waiting list at least. Was hoping someone had one that wasn't AS much money, and of course who wants to wait 3 months...lol
I could also use a 6139S Thermoquad if someone has one they're willing to part with.
Looked on both sides, can't find the vapor separator can.
Bump. Also needing the bumper jack hook for a 71 Satellite/RR/GTX.
Okay, so a couple things have been found, thanks fellas. At this moment I believe I'm just needing the following:

Fuel Tank Vapor Canister PLate (we'll call it a skid plate?, pictured), which is located in the driver's rear wheel well
Side marker lenses, needing one of each, amber/red
Tuff Wheel Adapter
Bumper Jack Hook for a 71 RR, should be either part #'s 2962688, 3464960 or 2962490


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2962688 is another number on the jack hook. The 490 you won’t find..
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