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Kwik Lift


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Apr 8, 2011
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Conshohocken, PA

Has anyone bought a Kwik lift, It is perfect for detailing underneath, oil changes and other things. No need to have anything but a regular garage. he price seems good. I would like to buy one but I thought I would see if any member is already using one and can give a review. Thanks
I love mine. Worth it!


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We too are thinking of going this route...seems a lot less expensive than some of the others lift kits available...Marla
I thought seriously about a quick lift. Instead I bought a 4 post lift. Jobs that are a pain in the butt on your back or on a creeper are easy with a lift. My suggestion, save as long and it takes and get a lift. I doubt that you would regret it.
I don't drive anymore as I have MS, but we get the cars out to run with my friends and wife. I am a perfectionist and it drives me nuts that road grime and tar get on the bottom. I think with a Kwij Lift and a creeper even I should be able to clean things off. The price is right and two of my friends can set it up in 1/2 an hour. I can leave the GTX on it and if I want to work on the Corvette it is just a matter of changing places.
I had one and it worked great for what you're thinking about doing. I sold it when I retired. BIG MISTAKE on my part. Wish I had it back.
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