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LEFT handed wheel studs


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May 14, 2022
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Green Bay
LEFT Hand threaded lug studs. I have not been able to source them can someone help.
Why not switch then to right hand. They are not necessary other then a concours build.
They are scarce as Hens Teeth! Depends if you have 10" brakes, 11" brakes, Disc brakes, Front, Rear,
Etc. Dorman no longer makes ANY L.H. thread studs. My 68 GTX L.F. W/11" brakes takes a Dorman
610-133. They still make the R.H. studs, 610-132. I gave up and put The R.H. studs in my L.F.
I can only spend so much time being ****!
Discontinued 2014 or prior by Dorman. Reminds me that I'd better tape a LEFT HAND note to my wheels before my car hits the body shop next week!

The only guy I know that has/had left hand studs is Craig @mobileparts and he's unfortunately out of action right now but may chime in if he has some left.
Well, If I can find them, I need Five! If the going price for the hub with the studs in it wasn't so expensive, I'd go
that direction.
LEFT Hand threaded lug studs. I have not been able to source them can someone help.
Curious - Why do you need them? As said earlier if it’s for nostalgic reasons or your dead set on everything being as it was originally - then I get it. I swapped mine out for RH during the restoration because unless you’re an old school Mopar nut - no one else knows about that little idiosyncrasy with our cars. If you really want them I hope you’re able to locate a set.
I'd just like to keep them on the car for originality and nostalgic value. I'll find mine as soon
as I get five more!!! Ha!
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